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Bridesmaid Uses Wedding Speech To Get Back At Bride Who Bullied Her In High School

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Bridesmaid giving her wedding speech

One woman still had bitter feelings for her friend after being bullied by her in high school as she exposed her at her wedding.

After being humiliated like that, the bride went and confronted her friend, Jana but it resulted in a huge argument so she went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread to ask people if her actions had been wrong. 

The bride and her bridesmaid remained close friends after the bullying incident in high school.

“In HS [high school], I constantly teased her, calling her the nerd of the class 'cause I was an insecure [a--] (she got really good grades),” the bride wrote.

This also led to other students teasing her about her grades.

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After having had enough, Jana confronted the woman about it and she stopped it then.

The woman explained, “It was in college that we finally became close. we saw each other at a reunion and we realized that our universities were near. Since then, we regularly hung out and became close friends.”

The woman even asked Jana to be one of the bridesmaids for her wedding, and she happily agreed.

But when it was time to give her speech at the wedding, Jana brought up the past bullying incident in front of everyone.

‘I can't believe we're friends even though you bullied me all throughout high school,' the bridesmaid said.

The bride couldn’t tell whether Jana was being serious or if she was just joking.

Throughout the years, she made sure to let Jana know how bad she felt about the bullying incident and even apologized numerous times.

Jana had also accepted her apologies while laughing the matter off each time so, the bride was surprised to see her bring it up at her wedding.

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As the bride wanted to enjoy her wedding, she decided to talk to Jana about it later. 

The bride added, “But during the party, my sister/MOH [maid of honor] came up to me worried, saying that there have been a lot of people asking Jana about the bullying and she was detailing every single thing I said.”

She then confronted Jana about it privately and asked her why she was being like this.

Jana got offended as she felt that she should be able to talk about her bullying experience if she wanted to.

The bride reassured Jana that it was alright to talk about it but she should be mindful of the place and time.

This turned into an argument that resulted in Jana leaving the conversation.

“Now there are rumors that I bullied her again after some people saw Jana walking out. My in-laws have also inquired about the matter too and have been quite cold to me even though I've already explained the matter,” the bride added.

The whole situation led the bride to believe that she may have been wrong.

However, Redditors claimed that the bride was not to be blamed.

One user wrote, “You beyond tried to make up for the past. You apologized countless times and obviously stopped bullying and admitted your mistakes. It’s not your fault Jana decided revenge was worth more than forgiveness.”

Another user wrote, “Bullying her was wrong, but you know this already and apologized for it. She nursed a grudge, as much as she denied it. This was her punishing you publicly, for you to feel ashamed and embarrassed on one of the biggest occasions of your life.”

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