The 20 Best Mexican Love Songs To Play On Cinco De Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo con amor.

Last updated on May 04, 2023

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Cinco de Mayo (May 5 in English) is here again, celebrating Mexican-American history, heritage, and culture. So why express your feelings for your significant other in English when you can add some sexy Mexican love songs to your playlist and let those romantic lyrics speak for you in Spanish?

As the undeniable sex appeal of Mexican-American stars Salma Hayek and Gael García Bernal can attest, romance and passion always seem to burn a little brighter — and a lot hotter — south of the border.


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This Cinco de Mayo, try listening to some of our favorite love songs from Mexican and Mexican-American singers. Your partner will thank you for it later.


Here are 20 of the best Mexican love songs to get the romance going in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

1. Jose Jose, "La Nave Del Olvido" (The Ship Of Oblivion)

One of Mexico's biggest pop stars, Jose Jose, made this song internationally known in 1970. The dramatic melody reflects the lyrics begging a lover to stay just a little bit longer.

2. Luis Migel, "El Reloj" (The Clock)

A romantic ballad imploring a clock to stop ticking so the singer can spend more time with his lover — eat your heart out, Eagle Eye Cherry. This song has been covered by many Latin artists through the years, most popular being Luis Migel's version.


3. Marco Antonio Solis, "Extrañandote" (Extraordinary)

For those who enjoy their love songs with an extra squeeze of 90s verve and polish, we suggest putting on this yearning lament for a lost paramour, sung by Marco Antonio Solis.

4. Selena, "I Could Fall in Love"

OK, so we're fudging a little bit, in that this song is actually sung in English, and Mexican-American Selena Quintanilla was technically born in Texas. But Selena gave us some of the best love songs in both languages during her short life. She lives in the hearts of many and could very well ignite yours.


5. Luis Miguel, "Amarte Es Un Placer" (Loving You Is A Pleasure)

And we're back with a second contender from Luis Miguel. Trust us, this guy's bread and butter is ballads. You can't go wrong with this Josh Groban-like crooner's albums.

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6. Thalia, "Amor a la Mexicana" (Mexican-Style Love)

Couldn't resist putting together this list without at least one contribution from Thalia, one of the most prolific and successful Mexican pop stars to date. Here she sings about love, Mexican-style, which means she wants your sweat, your flavor ... she wants you to make her vibrate. Yowza.


7. Maná, "Vivir Sin Aire" (Live Without Air)

This song by Maná is the sort you listen to while running your toes through a beach's gentle rip tides, sipping a shared piña colada with your partner and swaying to the beat. Or, for some of us, it's the kind of Mexican love song you listen to while imagining these things.

8. Paulina Rubio, "Te Quise Tanto" (I Wanted You So Much)

Paulina Rubio's 2004 pop song about the crazy lengths we go to when in love became an international hit.


9. Alejandro Fernandez, "Canta Corazon" (Sing Heart)

We recommend watching the sexy video for this Alejandro Fernandez love song. Fernandez is known as "The Colt" in Mexico, and we're pretty sure we'd be his potra (filly) anytime!

10. Eslabon Armado, "Te Quiero a Ti" (I Love You)

Melodic acoustic guitars pair beautifully with this love song that has Eslabon Armado pouring his heart out to his love.


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11. Eskuela de la Calles, "Me Tienes" (You Got Me)

This song describes the small things about a person that makes you love them and is a great way to tell the person you love that you want to be with them forever.

12. Prince Royce, "Darte un Beso" (Give You a Kiss)

This Mexican ballad by Prince Royce explains that as long as you have love, you have everything you need.


13. Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes del Rancho, "Te Metiste" (You Got In)

A love song with the classic Mexican sound to it that talks about how it feels to have someone come into your life and know that you never want them to leave it.

14. Código FN, "Me Gustas Mucho" (I Like You a Lot)

The title of this one says it all.


15. Crecer German, "Quién te Entiende" (Who Understands You)

Crecer German talks about putting pride aside to just let love be.

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16. Selena Gomez and Rauw Alejandro, "Baila Conmigo" (Dance with Me)

Selena Gomez leaned into her Mexican roots with her 2021 Spanish EP "Revelación," which includes this catchy hit.


17. Calibre 50, "Siempre Te Voy a Querer" (I Will Always Love You)

Play this for your one true love.

18. Gerardo Ortiz, "Regresa Hermosa" (Come Back Beautiful)

Some Mexican love songs are fueled by heartbreak, too, like this song by Gerardo Ortiz begging his lover to come back shows.


19. Banda Carnaval, "Lo Que Pienso De Ti" (What I Think of You)

Let your person know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

20. Chalino Sanchez, "Alma Enamorada" (Soul in Love)

The perfect song to play for your soulmate.


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