12 Fun Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Home — Food, Decorations, Culture & More!

Spice up your quarantine with a themed fiesta.

12 Fun Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Home — Food, Decorations, Culture & More! getty

With Cinco de Mayo happening on May 5th, and most of the country and world on lockdown, this celebration will be much different than years past. But if ever there was a time we needed a celebration, it’s now.

This holiday commemorates the historic Battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated French forces in 1882. It's celebrated around the world as a means of appreciating Latin ancestry, culture, and the resilience of Mexican people.


We’re all in need of a little color and celebration in our lives these days, and this historic day is just the way to start the party. 

Here's how to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home with food, drinks, decorations, and appreciation for the holiday!

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What food should you eat?

There’s a reason no social gathering is complete without a bowl of chips, guac and salsa, and that’s because Mexican food is made for parties. Your quarantine Cinco de Mayo party ideas will be best enjoyed on a full stomach, so make sure to have plenty of snacks to keep you going for the night. 


1. Make 3 Ingredient Crockpot Beef Tacos

With just some ground beef, taco seasoning, and chopped tomatoes, you can create a delicious taco filling for your Mexican themed night. This recipe requires a crockpot, but you could swap out the meat for black beans for a quicker vegetarian option.

(Find the recipe on Frugal Foodie Mama)


2. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some churros.

Churros are the ultimate comfort food and a great dessert for your Cinco de Mayo feast. Baking them at home also makes for a fun activity.

They can be pretty difficult to pull off, so don’t worry if you’re not a cooking aficionado, baked churros are just as good as fried ones and are a little better for you. You can easily cut your prep-time in half with churro mix, and this one is just as good as the real deal.


(Find the recipe on Sweet and Savory Meals)

3. Support a local restaurant.

Now, this one may be cheating slightly, but who doesn’t love convenience?

Small businesses need our support during this time as they are the worst affected by coronavirus regulations. Ordering in from your favorite Mexican spot for Cinco de Mayo could really help them out.

Plus, it’s the only way to guarantee you’ll have quality Mexican cuisine if you don’t trust your cooking skills.

What drinks should you make?

There’s a lot you can do with a tequila, and Cinco de Mayo is the best excuse to break out a bottle.

Some of your favorite Mexican cocktails are actually pretty easy to make from home. So, even though you’re probably missing the overpriced versions from that fancy bar you love to hate, these are pretty good dupes.


Besides, you need something to wash down the tacos, right? 

4. Whip up some Easy Margaritas.

Margaritas are a staple on most nights out, not just Mexican themed ones. So, why not make them part of your night in?

They also happen to be easy to make from home. You can simply mix up tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice for a quick margarita fix. Or, you can put your own spin on a margarita by adding just about any fruity flavoring. (I love to shake things up with pineapple juice, fresh strawberry slices, or even a dash of coconut milk.)


(Find the recipe on Gimme Some Oven)

5. Make your own paloma.

Despite popular belief, Palomas are actually the most popular cocktail choice in Mexico.

Squeeze some fresh grapefruit in with a little bit of leftover lime juice from your margaritas. Mix these with tequila (or mescal if you have it), a teaspoon of sugar, and some club soda.


Ratios aren’t super important when making drinks at your in-house cocktail bar, just make sure to taste test. You’re the customer, after all! 

(Find the recipe on The Kitchn)

6. Try horchata.

This is a great comfort drink if these fruity tequila-based drinks aren’t your thing. You can have it spiked with rum or as a non-alcoholic creamy drink.


They’re usually made with plant-based milk, making them suitable for vegans. Horchata is also a good dessert alternative if you’re craving sweetness but are too full for churros.

Unless you managed to get your hands on your Abuela’s recipe, you’ll need to follow a recipe carefully or use a mix. But it’s worth it for this cozy drink.   

(Find the recipe on Isabel Eats)

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Which decorations work best for a Cinco de Mayo party?

I, for one, am sick of looking at the same interior for months on end and will take any excuse to redecorate. A themed night is a fun way to shake up your scenery, and Cinco de Mayo is perfect for bringing some color into your life.


Making some DIY decorations will save you money and it makes for a great quarantine activity. 

7. Make your own sombrero decorations.

These are easy to make and can easily be done at home.

If you don’t have paper plates or plastic cups, try cutting up any cardboard and bending it into shape. You can color in or paint on your own designs for maximum personalization.


They won’t look half as good as the real deal, but they make for some fun table decorations. 

(Find instructions on Kid Friendly Things to Do)

8. Get yourself a piñata!

This is pretty essential for a good Cinco de Mayo party and makes for great post-dinner entertainment.

Fill up a piñata with whatever candy you choose. Use whatever baseball bat, golf stick, or broom you have lying around to break it open. Don’t forget the blindfold and a couple of spins to make it more challenging.


This is a great way to work out that cabin fever frustration and is pretty hilarious to watch. 

(Find a piñata on Amazon)

9. Make DIY taco garlands.


You can easily fashion these out of some colored card or by painting paper yourself. They look cute and make for a fun backdrop if you want to make your Cinco de Mayo celebrations into a video call party with friends. 

(Find instructions on Pinterest)

How can you celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo?

Once you have your food, drinks, and decorations all set up, you can move on to the fun part — actually celebrating. This is an important celebration of Mexican culture and history, so enjoying yourself while respecting the holiday is essential to your Cinco de Mayo festivities. 


10. Understand the history of Cinco de Mayo.

This date marks an important victory for Mexico in a battle against Napolean’s French army. It's a celebration of Mexican resilience and this unlikely victory.

But it was a battle and many lives were lost on both sides. It’s important to acknowledge the holiday’s origins and be respectful of Mexican and Mexican-Americans while celebrating. Reading up on the holiday actually makes for an interesting activity in itself.

11. Get a playlist going.

Compile a mix of some of your favorite Mexican artists so you can party the night away at home. Get a good mix of old and new so you get a taste for some traditional tunes as well as contemporary artists.


Some favorites can include Selena, Luis Miguel, Los Tigres del Norte, Jenni Rivera, and Pepe Aguilar.

12. Dance!

This is probably the most important part, and the best way to fully enjoy all of the above tips.

Dance around your decorated living room to your playlist while sipping on your Mexican inspired drink. You can also try following along with a YouTube tutorial if you want to try out some fun, simple Latin dance routines. 

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