100 Best Love Songs To Show Your Guy How Much You Adore Him

When words fail, say it with music.

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Sometimes it can be hard to put into words how you feel.

When that happens, music is a great way to get your emotions out, as the best love songs always seem to get it right.

As Hans Christian Andersen said: "Where words fail, music speaks."

How to Choose a Playlist for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Of course, it can be hard to find the perfect love song for your boyfriend. A song that you can dedicate to your boyfriend should be one that means a lot to you and that you think he would like.


It's best to pick a song that says "I love you," either literally or in your own way.

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The best songs to tell someone how much you love them come from the heart. Thankfully, musicians are just like us and write about their feelings about love, so there's always a song to share whenever you're feeling a type of way.

Here are the best love songs for him to add to a romantic playlist (and show him how you feel).

Top 20 Best Romantic Love Songs For Him Of All Time

1. "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer

Some songs just seem to work for couples. This one is special and unique, and your partner will truly feel like the love of your life.


2. "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion

If you haven't heard of this song then you must be living under a rock. Known as the famous song from the movie "Titanic," Celine Dion knows how to sing her heart out in this song.

3. "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper

This song is one of the greatest love songs about being there for the one you love time and time again.


4. "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele

There is no singer who is able to get more emotion across than Adele. This song is perfect when you want all of those feels.

5. "All of Me" by John Legend

If you want a sweet love ballad to play for your lover, look no further. John Legend has the perfect voice to help you serenade your boo.


6. "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry

A sweet sweet song to show your loyalty and faith in your love with your partner. This song will cement just how committed you are.

7. "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

These Ed Sheeran lyrics are the perfect way to express all the love you've got for your man inside your heart.


8. "Lovesong" cover by Adele

Adele's version of this ballad originally recorded by The Cure will do the trick to help get all that emotion across. Who wouldn't want that voice to be played for them by their significant other?

9. "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith

What a perfect way to say that you want to be with your love forever. This song is so meaningful it's hard not to get emotional.


10. "At Last" by Etta James

This song will melt your heart listening to it from the first beat. Etta James sings her heart out in this song and you can feel it and relate if you are in love.

11. "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green

Al Green knows how to write a soulful love song and this song gives it his all and makes you feel all the feels.


12. "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole

This song is the perfect slow dance song to listen to with your lover and he'll know much much you love him if you play this.

13. "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding

A beautiful and uplifting song to sing along to. If you love the way your man loves you, then this is the song for you two.


14. "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake

JT said it right in this song. You are so connected that you feel as though he's a mirror of you in your life. A sweet way of showing your love.

15. "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton

Love is all about someone who can pick you up when you're down and be there for you whenever and always love you.


16. "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls

This song is one of the greatest love songs from the '90s and it's the perfect love song to share with your partner if you just want them to know who you are.

17. "Come Away With Me" by Nora Jones

This song is by far one of the greatest love songs from the early 2000s because of how beautiful Nora Jones' voice is and how peaceful the song is.


18. "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys

This song is the perfect love song for you and your partner if you feel that everything means nothing unless you have your lover.

19. "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton

You know this is you and your partner's love song if you would walk a thousand miles just to see each other.


20. "You And Me" by Lifehouse

"It's you and me, and all of the people and I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you."

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Country Love Songs For Him

21. "Soul" by Lee Brice

The best love songs are about loving your partner till you are old and gray and this country song sings just about that.


22. "Simple" by Florida Georgia Line

Even the worst things in life can feel better if you are together with the one you love because, with love, you can get through any challenge in life.

23. "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's duet in this song is the perfect country love song and it will for sure make your heart melt.


24. "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban

You know the words, "I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you." That's the best feeling to have found the one you want.

25. "Meant to Be" by Bebe Rexha (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

Because the two of you are simply meant to be.


26. "Our Song" by Taylor Swift

When you don't quite have a song yet, this song encapsulates all of the little things that make up a relationship that are just as beautiful as a song.

27. "Butterflies" by Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves sings about a love that comes out of nowhere and lifts her up.


28. "Closer to You" by Carly Pearce

For when you just can't get close enough to the one you love.

29. "Makin' Plans" by Miranda Lambert

This song by Miranda Lambert describes the comfort of planning a future with someone who knows you inside and out.


30. "Breathe" by Faith Hill

This classic country song discusses how everything in the world seems to fall away when you get to be close enough to the man you love to hear his breath.

31. "Body on Fire" by Maggie Rose

When you miss your man's touch, send this song to him.


32. 'Where Would I Be" by Lady A

Sometimes the simplest meet-cutes bring you to your soulmate and this song questions what would happen if something as small as spilling a drink on someone's table never occurred.

33. "You Got Me" by Olivia Lane

Let him know that no matter what happens, you'll be right there by his side.


34. "I Hate Love Songs" by Kelsea Ballerini

Cheesy love songs aren't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you don't love your man, and this is a cute way to portray that.

35. "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift

This classic Taylor Swift song talks about knowing in your heart that you're a perfect match with a guy who's dating someone that doesn't understand him the way you do.


36. "This Kiss" by Faith Hill

A classic country song that describes the knock-your-socks-off feeling you get when kissing him.

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Best Love Songs For Him Of 2021

37. "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat (feat. SZA)

When you need a love song that tells your man just how attracted you are to him, this will do the trick. Set the mood!


38. "Love Again" by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa describes exactly what it feels like to be in love with someone after heartbreak.

39. "Don't Go Yet" by Camila Cabello

These lyrics perfectly describe how it feels to be laying next to the man you love when you're not quite ready to get up and leave each other for the day.


40. "Death Do Us Part" by Nick Jonas

Let your guy know that there's nothing in this world that could separate the two of you.

41. "Anyone" by Justin Bieber

A beautiful ballad that'll tell your man just how much he means to you.


42. "When You're Home" by Tyler Shaw

A lovely song that reminds the person you love that home is wherever you are together.

43. "What If I Told You That I Love You" by Ali Gatie

Wear your heart on your sleeve and profess your true feelings.


44. "nothing but the love" by Wrabel

Tell your man how therapeutic his love is for you.

45. "Follow You" by Imagine Dragons

An upbeat song that will let your guy know that you have his back, no matter what.


46. "Vibez" by Zayn

A sexy song to let him know you're feeling him.

47. "Line by Line" by Maren Morris and JP Saxe

The lyrics in this love song say it best: "Love too big for a love song." Even lyricists get tongue-tied when trying to explain how they feel!


48. "At My Worst" by Pink Sweat$ (feat. Kehlani)

If you've found someone who loves you even on your bad days, this is the song to share with him.

49. "Glad You Exist" by Dan + Shay

When you simply can't imagine a life without him, this song lets him know exactly how you feel.


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Best R&B Love Songs For Him

50. "No One" by Alicia Keys

For when no one compares to the love this man gives you.

51. "Me & U" by Cassie

This song describes the back and forth between two people who know they're attracted to each other and are ready to finally make that move.


52. "Angel of Mine" by Monica

For when you're feeling particularly blessed to have this man in your life.

53. "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie (feat. Shania Twain)

This song is by far one of the greatest love songs and you could duet with your partner and sing along if you wanted to.


54. "Real Love" by Mary J. Blige

If you and your partner were searching for real love and found each other then this is the love song for you.

55. "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin

Get yourself a man who makes you want to belt out this classic love song.


56. "My Boo" by Usher and Alicia Keys

"There's always that one person that will always have your heart."

57. "Love On the Brain" by Rihanna

"Baby, you got me like ah, woo, ah. Don't you stop loving me (loving me). Don't quit loving me (loving me). Just start loving me (loving me)."


58. "Belong to You" by Sabrina Claudio

Let him know that you're all his.

59. "Feels" by Kehlani

The title says it all. Share this with the guy who gives you the feels.

60. "Save the Best for Last" by Vanessa Williams

Sometimes it takes guys a while to understand how they really feel about you. If your man is finally starting to come around, play this song for him.

61. "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr. (feat. Bill Withers)

When it's just you two against the world.

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Best Cute & Sweet Love Songs For Him

62. "Diamonds" by Rihanna

A sweet way to tell your man that your love feels like something out of the world that you've never experienced before.

63. "for him." by Troye Sivan (feat. Allday)

Sometimes love is a whirlwind, and this song explains that nothing matters as long as you're together.

64. "When I Look At You" by Miley Cyrus

The perfect song for the person who can calm you down simply by being in their presence.

65. "Love You Like A Love Song" by Selena Gomez

For when your relationship is picture (or lyric) perfect.

66. "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet

This cute duet by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet will let him know just how lucky you feel to have him in your life.

67. "This Is How You Fall in Love" by Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler

This duet describes the little things that make you fall in love with someone.

68. "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish

If you're completely drawn into your man's captivating eyes, this song is perfect to share with him.

69. "Crazy in Love" by Beyoncé

Queen B can do no wrong, especially with this love song. Crazy in love says it all — you're crazy in love and nothing can change that.

70. "We Found Love" by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

This song is great to dance to. Bring your boo out on the dance floor and let the lyrics speak for themselves.

71. "I’m Yours" by Alessia Cara

Everyone loves to hear someone say they are completely and totally yours. This song is a great way to get that message across.

72. "Adore You" by Miley Cyrus

You more than just love them. You absolutely adore them. You can only showcase that through a song with lyrics as beautiful as this.

73. "Lover" by Taylor Swift

Taylor knew what she was doing when she made this song because this is what love feels like and it's ever so sweet.

74. "You’ve Got the Love" by Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine slay. Especially with this tune. It's funky and fun but the lyrics are beautiful and sweet.

75. "Adore You" by Harry Styles

Harry Styles knows how to write a good love song and this one says it all, "just let me adore you."

76. "Love On Top" by Beyonce

If your partner is the one you love and the one you need then this song is perfect for the two of you.

77. "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

This song is perfect to share with your partner after you found out the two of you loved each other because it describes all those feelings in one song.

78. "Sucker" by The Jonas Brothers

Are you a sucker for your boyfriend or husband? Then this is the song for you.

79. "I Like Me Better" by Lauv

Now this song isn't what you think it is when you read the title, it's about liking yourself better when you're with the person you love.

80. "First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes

This is a classic Folk love song about your life finally starting when you meet the love of your life.

81. "Bloom" by Paper Kites

"Can I be close to you?" this song asks, and that's exactly what you want to do with your lover.

82. "Wonderwall" by Oasis

Are you gonna be the one that saves your partner? Cause, after all, you're their "Wonderwall."

83. "Dreams" by The Cranberries

This song is about falling in love for the first time and you're letting yourself fall because it's worth it. That's what love is about.

84. "Love Sneakin' Up On You" by Bonnie Raitt

Love can come at the most random times and it really can sneak up on you but sometimes that's the best because it's meant to be.

85. "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat knows how to sing about first love and that bubbly feeling that starts in your toes and makes your crinkle your nose.

86. "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

There's no more time to hesitate when you're in love you have to go after it and this song is all about those feelings of being so sure that you've found your person.

87. "Yellow" by Coldplay

This is such a simple song but also it has such a beautiful meaning and is the perfect 2000s love song.

88. "You & Me" by Dave Matthews Band

"You & Me" is all about what true love is really about and that anything is possible with love.

89. "Why Can't I?" by Liz Phair

This song is the perfect song that describes what being lovesick feels like, "Why can't I breathe whenever I think about you? Why can't I speak whenever I talk about you?"

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Love Songs From Wife To Husband

90. "September" by Earth Wind and Fire

The love that you and your partner share doesn't just last the month of September but throughout your life and this song is a great love song to cherish the time the two of you might have first met, even if it wasn't in September.

91. "Grow Old With Me" by Tom Odell

The folk version of Elton John, Tom Odell's love songs are beautiful and this song describes how simple and addictive love can be.

92. "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last

Once you hear this song you will immediately recognize it if you have seen the movie "Twilight," however, it's such a moving love song and you and feel its strength in every word.

93. "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain

Time will always tell when you find the one you love because he will always be the one you want.

94. "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders

This song is about being there for the one you love emotionally especially during the bad times, and standing by them through thick and thin.

95. "Can't Stop Lovin' You" by Van Halen

Once you're in love it's hard for that love to go away and once you feel it you "can't stop lovin'" your person.

96. "Gimme All Your Love" by Alabama Shakes

The Alabama Shakes give it all in this amazing song about love and it's the perfect song to put on your love playlist because of how passionate it is and how real it is.

97. "Flames" by Mod Sun (feat. Avril Lavigne)

No matter how long you've been together, you still yearn for the man you married.

98. "Forever and for Always" by Shania Twain

Let him know that you look forward to waking up next to him every day.

99. "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie

Death is a part of life, and though the lyrics to this song are somewhat dark, it lets your man know that whatever happens, you'll be together.

100. "Beginning Middle End" by Leah Nobel

This song's lyrics describe still being with someone 50 years after meeting, being the beginning, middle, and end of your love story.

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