6 Aphrodisiacs To Get Him Instantly In The Mood

Ideas and ways to keep things interesting between you and him.

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Although the holidays are an exciting time, we often fall victim to exhaustion from traveling, family gatherings, and traditions and it can be difficult to keep things interesting as a couple. Aphrodisiacs are a great way to spice up your relationship during the holiday season and these cold Winter months.

Aphrodisiacs are known to help keep the romance alive and trigger the feelings that can get you turned on. Eating or doing certain things can get you in the mood and will have you and your partner craving more.


The holidays are a busy time and it can be hard to find room to be intimate with each other. Creating new and exciting experiences by adding aphrodisiacs to your schedule will elevate your relationship — and libido! 

Spicing things up can be a way to show each other that you care and know how to have a good time. Experiencing something new after all of the seasonal festivities that come with the end of the year will make this holiday season the year you and your bae will never forget.

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Below are six aphrodisiacs to get him instantly in the mood:

1. Grab a fork

We've all heard about the aphrodisiac effects of chocolate and oysters. Why? Because food is one of the best (and easiest) ways to stimulate your sex life. I mean, everyone has to eat, right? Dark chocolate, bananas, avocados. and chilies have been proven to help stimulate blood flow and increase the release of endorphins and hormones that make you desire to get down and dirty.

2. Drink up

Drinking will put you in the mood as well. Red wine and coffee are known to be great ways to promote healthy blood flow and stamina. Having these types of stimulates will keep you energized throughout the night for whatever activities you and your partner get into. 

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3. Head to the gym

On the opposite spectrum, doing physical activities together can be a great way to help light the sparks between you and your significant other. Working out increases blood flow and elevates your heart rate all while releasing endorphins that lift your libido. Exercise also rids the body of stress, one of the biggest sex-drive killers of all time.


4. Let your feelings out

I love you — those three simple words can make all the difference. Telling each other how much you appreciate and care for them promotes intimacy and well, one thing leads to another! Let your partner know how much you love and want them.

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5. Get busy outside of the bedroom

While the comfort of your bedroom may seem perfect, it can get old. Try hooking up in different locations! Whether it be in the living room or in the back of your car, a new atmosphere is all it takes to ignite excitement and adventure in your relationship.

6. Role-play with your partner

Be someone else for the night! Grab a pilot's hat and get with your flight attendant lover or let your police officer for the night arrest you for being naughty. Being someone else for a short period of time can be thrilling and fulfill some of your fantasies. Wearing costumes is not just for Halloween!


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