Man Vents About His Wife Online After She Woke Him Up To Take The Kids To School

He was tired.

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One woman felt the wrath of her husband when she woke him up at 6AM to take their kids to school.

In his post on the subreddit thread "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), the man explained how he didn’t want to be disturbed at all, but got angry when his wife woke him up.

He stated that his wife, Sonia, is a stay-at-home mom and understood that it’s hard for her to take care of everything so he helps out her often with dinner and the kids’ homework.


However, recently he has been feeling quite exhausted as he has a big project due soon at work. 

After constantly working, he almost passed out and had to be taken to the hospital by his co-workers.



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The man was advised by the doctor to rest as much as possible at home.

“When I got home, I spoke to my wife and she seemed to be understanding. I asked her to give me a day off from everything, as I would try to get as much sleep as possible that night to come back better,” the man wrote.

However, the next morning, Sonia woke him up to take the kids to school.

The man was still exhausted and wanted to sleep more, but Sonia claimed that he still had to do his job as a father. She also had other plans that morning to go to the gym and a yoga class.

The man explained, “It could be being tired or not, but I ended up losing my mind and screaming ‘I just need a few hours of sleep, please respect what I asked of you yesterday and let me sleep, man.’”


She was quite surprised, but let him sleep while she took the kids herself.

When he woke up later, Sonia had blasted his phone with text messages that he had been rude to her.

"There were several messages from her saying that I shouldn't have yelled at her for asking me to take responsibility as a parent and that it was toxic behavior of mine," the man added.

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Redditors claimed that he wasn’t wrong to yell at his wife like that.

One user wrote, “Regardless of everything else, she agreed to your request of a day off from everything in order to catch up on your rest, by order of your doctor. She then tried to renege on that deal. Her fault, not yours.”


“What you're describing wasn't 'being tired' it was medical exhaustion. You ended up in the hospital," another person commented.

"At that point, sleep was a medical necessity. For her to wake you at 6:30 AM to walk the kids to school was not only cruel but deliberately obtuse and a risk to your health.”

“You are not asking to be permanently excused from your morning parenting duties, you are asking on this one specific occasion for your wife to pick up your slack. It sounds like you are having health issues that can be resolved with more sleep,” another person commented.


One person commented, "Honestly, I can’t stand people who throw around words like toxic behavior and crap. Those words are heavy and shouldn’t be said lightly. Yelling at someone does not mean it is toxic."

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