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Man Wonders If He's Wrong For Uninviting Dad To Wedding After He Refused To Pay For Ceremony

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A man is facing backlash after deciding to uninvite his father to his wedding after he refused to continue paying for the ceremony.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), the man explained the events that led up to him revoking his father's invitation as he and his fiancée are currently planning their wedding.

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In his Reddit post, the man wrote that he ended up uninviting his mother first after learning that she had been making jokes about his fiancé behind their backs about her appearance and style.

"[She was] saying [his fiancée] was never going to be anything more than a stay-at-home mom. I was furious and uninvited her," he wrote.

After uninviting his mother, the man's father became angry that he wouldn't allow her at the ceremony.

Along with his father, a couple of people told the man that he was being unreasonable since it was something "she said without thinking it would get back" to them and that she'd been "tipsy, maybe a bit drunk" while making the comments.

However, the man's dad ended up confronting him about the entire ordeal after finding out that she would no longer be at the wedding.

"He said what she said wasn't nice but realistically people sh-t talk and gossip, and I should give her the chance to apologize and move on," the man continued, adding that his parents are no longer together.

The man told his dad that he doesn't want someone like that at his wedding, but his father didn't agree, saying that he was being "ridiculous" about the entire thing.

His father told him he'd no longer pay for the wedding if he "was going to treat" his mother like that.

After the man's father made the decision, the man decided to revoke his invitation to the wedding as well, explaining that he doesn't see his dad as a "supportive person" anymore.

The man's fiancée also doesn't want her future father-in-law at the wedding either, but now his father and his wife are upset with him and telling their other. relatives that they "feel entitled to their money."

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"Now my dad and his wife are telling everyone how we feel entitled to their money and how arrogant we are for uninviting everyone who "disagrees" with us," he shared.

The man concluded his post by admitting that he feels "weird about it" because his father doesn't have to pay for the wedding if he doesn't want to.

The majority of people who commented on the man's Reddit post agreed that he was in the wrong for uninviting his father.

"It was about the money. Else there was no reason to uninvite your dad. He didn't talk bad about your fiancée," one user pointed out.

"He just wanted you to give your mom a chance to apologize before you regret it one day."

Another user chimed in, writing, "Did you even give your mom a chance to apologize? She was drunk and said something inappropriate. People do make mistakes.

"Your dad sounds like he was trying to be level-headed but you did the same thing with him."

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