Man Rethinks The Engagement After He Found Out About His Fiancée's Cosmetic Surgery

Seems a bit of an overreaction.

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After a man found out about his fiancee’s cosmetic surgery, he wanted to rethink his engagement since he believes he got a false idea of what his future children would look like.

The woman went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) thread to ask strangers on the internet whether she should have told her fiance about her surgery.

The woman got nose surgery after having issues with a deviated septum.

“While I was in the process of consulting doctors and planning for surgery to correct it, I had a few friends tell me that it may be possible to also get cosmetic correction for very little out of pocket since the septoplasty would be covered by insurance,” the woman wrote.


While the woman got the surgery for having a deviated septum, her nose was significantly different than before. 

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The woman wrote, “It looks very natural and has a nice slope and straight tip now, where before it had a bump and hooked down slightly.”

The woman likes her nose now and was happy with the surgery, however, she never hid it from anyone.

When she had gotten the surgery, the woman would often joke about it around her friend, but when she met her fiance, the topic of her surgery never came up.


At that point, she didn't think of her surgery as big news and never thought to tell her fiance.

One day, the woman was getting rid of some post-op photos on her phone and her fiance noticed it over her shoulder.

Upon asking her what they were, the woman told him about the surgery she had and he didn't take it well.

The man was angry and wanted to rethink their engagement.

The man claimed that he felt deceived by the woman as he thought she hid it from him on purpose.

Additionally, he had gotten a false idea of what their future children would like.

“I was shocked. I told him it wasn’t that deep and that the change wasn’t even that drastic, especially considering he’s seen photos of me from before and never even noticed the difference,” the woman added.


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However, the man was angry to listen to any explanations the woman might have and claimed that he didn’t trust her anymore. 

The woman didn’t feel that it was as big of a deal as her fiance was making it to be so she went to Reddit to ask other people whether she had been wrong.

Redditors let the woman know that the man was the one at fault.

One user wrote, “You stated he’s even seen pictures of you pre-procedure and didn’t even notice. It’s ridiculous that it would be an issue.”

"Was he only with you because he thought your kids would be nice looking? If he was with you for why you are, why would it matter if you had a nose job? You never lied about it or hid it; he just didn’t notice," another person commented.


Many people also suggested the woman leave the man as his reaction can be considered a red flag.

“The fact that he's reconsidering the marriage because of this? run. As FAST as you can,” one user wrote.

“If he saw the before pictures and didn’t notice I trust the change was negligible. Do yourself a favor and end this relationship. Your fiancé is shallow and mean,” another user commented.


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