Is An Amicable Divorce A Fantasy?


A friendly divorce may not be so far-fetched after all!

From singer and actress Hilary Duff and her beau Mike Comrie to the comedic Amy Poehler and actor Will Arnett, Hollywood has seen the makeup and breakup of many A-List stars. Watching their more than cordial relationships play out makes us wonder whether there really is such a thing as a "good" divorce.

While no one ever said that getting a divorce could be fun, these stars prove that it can be civil and relatively painless.

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So what is it that they seem to know about how best to part ways that many other people do not?

Divorce is an exhaustive, draining process, where things might get said when you’re not at your best that you may regret later.

You’re splitting up your life, your assets… maybe even selling the house you lived in together. You have to decide where the kids will be spending their time, and basically starting over with your life.

Sometimes, the issues that cause people to turn to divorce can be difficult, unpleasant situations, which can all make your divorce seem overwhelming. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the legality of it all!

So take a moment, breathe, and remind yourself that you can get through it, no matter what you’re facing.

You can get frustrated with just about every step of the process, from your spouse’s decisions to the judge’s demands and everything in between. There are times when it will feel absolutely impossible to get through and still somehow continue being amicable to your spouse — but yes, it is possible, and there is a way you can do it!

In the above video, attorney Katherine Miller discusses ways to ensure that your divorce is not only amicable, but healthy as well. 

But just how exactly can you hope to achieve this? According to her, all it takes is making a serious effort to communicate, being willing to collaborate, and have an open mind to what you’re going to be dealing with during the divorce.

There’s no way to tell for certain exactly how things will go, but if you make sure that you are at least somewhat prepared for the experience, then you have a greater chance at working out how to keep things simple and calm before, during, and after the divorce process. This can be whether you have kids together or not, and whether or not you have issues that you really need to work through with your spouse.

So if you’re hoping to keep things amicable with your spouse and make sure that your divorce can be as easy going as possible, then watch the video above. You’ll get to learn plenty of tips, tricks, and simple methods of making sure that your divorce is as drama free as possible!

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