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Woman Shocked By Her Sister's Response To Her Miscarriage — A Card Full Of 'Cruel' Taylor Swift Lyrics

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The relationship between sisters is never perfect, but sisters should always be there for each other when faced with tragedy. Unfortunately, this was not the case for one woman after she suffered the horror of a miscarriage. She was shocked to receive a cruel response from her sister, mocking the tragedy as karma, in the form of Taylor Swift lyrics.

What could make someone so angry to respond in such a way? As inhumane as this response appears, it stems from a place of pain. 

The woman took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong for feeling angry toward her sister for mocking her tragedy.

In her Reddit post, the 31-year-old woman briefly touched on how her connection with her 29-year-old sister, whom she referred to as Emma, fell apart a few years ago. The relationship deteriorated further after she suffered a miscarriage and her sister didn’t bother to reach out and check on her.

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After complaining to her parents about how her sister was the only one who didn’t reach out, Emma sent the woman a card with the words, “Karma is your boyfriend, stings right?” written inside. The woman explained how the words are lyrics from a Taylor Swift song, and Emma chose the lyrics intentionally to poke at her Taylor Swift obsession. 

"I was shocked Emma could be so outwardly cruel. We had a big fight over the phone and I said she needs to get over [it] and realize the world doesn't revolve around her," the woman wrote in her post. "It's all blown up a bit now."

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The woman asked if she was wrong for “blowing up” on her sister for her inconsiderate response to such a traumatic experience.

At first glance, the natural answer would be to support the woman for being treated with such contempt by her own sister, yet Reddit users were quick to catch on to the lack of details in her story. Many people commented asking for more details as to why Emma would characterize the tragedy of suffering a miscarriage as karma, as this reaction appeared to stem from pain.

A Reddit user claiming to be the woman’s sister commented on the post, offering additional details to the story and explaining her reasons for acting with such bitterness.

The sister explained how five years earlier, a few weeks after finding out she was pregnant, her fiancé, his sister, and his sister’s boyfriend were all killed in a car accident. At a time when she needed support, her sister, the original poster, chose to go to a concert with her friends instead of the funeral. Some users believed it may have been a Taylor Swift concert

Woman Shocked By Her Sister's Cruel Response To Her Miscarriage Photo: A.PAES / Shutterstock

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When Emma confronted her, she claimed her sister told her she was an “attention seeker,” who was “pretending to be pregnant” for attention.

“I was a pregnant 24-year-old who just lost their partner and all I wanted was my big sister to be with me,” Emma wrote.

After the sister returned from her trip and apologized for her actions, Emma felt sour and decided to keep her distance from her.

“I know where she stood when she said all those things to me and ditched me on the worst day of my life, so I also told her where I stood which is: I don't accept her apology,” Emma explained.

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When Emma found out about the miscarriage, she said she didn’t feel the need to reach out, and she characterized her response to the incident as karma for her sister’s lack of support when she herself faced traumatic experiences and needed her the most. 

Whether the Reddit user really is the original poster’s sister or not, it seems evident that there was a lack of loyalty from both sisters, and a concert should never take precedence over showing up for your own sister.

The original poster may have been hiding important details to seem innocent amidst the sister conflict and Reddit users collectively agreed that the woman in her original post was to blame, yet the verifiable specifics of the story are unclear.

“You weren’t supportive of her when she suffered a loss, so she is not being supportive when you suffered a loss. In her mind, that's payback,” one person commented. 

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The sisters are missing the opportunity to communicate and empathize with each other.

At the end of the day, acting with vengeance won't lead to true satisfaction, and it’s never okay to fight fire with fire. It’s not right to miss a family funeral for a concert, and it’s surely not okay to label a miscarriage as karma for doing so. Clearly, there are unheard feelings coming from both sisters. 

The only mature way to handle such a situation is for both sisters to be open and vulnerable, discuss their hurt feelings, and find a place of mutual empathy and understanding for each other. 

However, when a person hurts their family member beyond repair, sometimes there's no mending the relationship. The tragedies both sisters have experienced are wildly unfortunate and traumatic, and it's understandable that there is now a wall between them.



The pain and betrayal both sisters feel is valid, but it should not encourage a back-and-forth feud of victimization and hostility. Unfortunately, seeking “payback” or revenge will never be the answer, as it will only draw out a back-and-forth retaliation of misunderstood emotions and reactions. 

The pain both of these sisters are feeling because of their traumas is unimaginable, but there is hope for forgiveness and growth. This is coming from an older sister who could never imagine breaking contact with my sister, as we come from parents who both no longer keep in touch with their siblings due to their inability to see eye-to-eye.

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