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How A Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her The Exact Moment He Proposed To Her

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For one woman, what was supposed to be a magical and loving moment quickly transformed into a traumatic and life-altering experience.

Tiffany Lynn, an over-40-year-old living in New York City, revealed that over 10 years ago, she had been in a loving relationship with her boyfriend. But when it finally came time for him to pop the question, everything came crumbling down around her when she realized that he wasn't being as faithful as she thought.

She found out her boyfriend was cheating during the exact moment he proposed to her.

"I found out my fiancé was cheating on me right in the middle of his proposal," Lynn bluntly stated at the start of her video. "Like literally as it was happening.” While it may seem like Lynn is being hyperbolic, unfortunately, the content creator really did find out that her boyfriend was unfaithful as he was down on one knee.

To make matters worse, Lynn explained that she had been madly in love with him, to the point that she would've done anything and everything he asked of her. At the time of the proposal, they had been dating for around two years, and the thought of getting engaged never crossed Lynn's mind.

She felt that despite being in love with her now ex-boyfriend, she didn't think they were ready for marriage yet.



On the day of the proposal, he decided to surprise Lynn by taking her to an amusement park in Orlando, Florida. Once they got to the park, Lynn's ex decided to sign up as a contestant in one of the competition game performances, and right before the game started, he handed Lynn his phone and asked her to record.

"I'm filming from his cell phone that he told me to hold," Lynn said. "He starts to receive text messages that are popping up on the screen. The text messages turn out to be from his mistress that he's been messing with the whole time we are together."

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According to the messages, his mistress was angry because that morning he told her they couldn't see each other anymore since he was going to propose to Lynn. Upon seeing the messages, Lynn recalled her heart dropping in her chest and feeling as if her world was crumbling around her.

However, she couldn't let any of these emotions show because she was sitting in a crowd with hundreds of people while her boyfriend was proposing.

"I am not the type of girl that likes it when people see me sweat," she admitted. "I keep my cool, I just smile and I pretend that I'm the most elated, happiest woman on the planet." Since her boyfriend proposed during the competition game at the theme park, the proposal was blasted all over the big screen, and everyone around Lynn congratulated her and expressed their excitement.

Lynn managed to keep her composure, walked out of the stadium, and met up with her then-fiancé. When he showed up, Lynn recalled him giving her a big hug and proposing once again when he was standing right in front of her. 

"There's so many people watching, remember, we're in the middle of a theme park with thousands of people," she said. "So, I grab him and drag him to the nearest restaurant that I could find, and I sit him down. I tell him everything that I know, he didn't try to deny it, he knew he was caught."

She claimed that he spent the next half-hour trying to tell her things that she wanted to hear, but Lynn was just "numb" to it all. “The only words that I can manage to muster up at this point were ‘Baby, this two-carat diamond ring, it’s just not going to be enough,'” she shared

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Lynn explained that she accepted her boyfriend's proposal but quickly realized that their relationship was beyond saving.

In a follow-up video, Lynn responded to comments from viewers asking if she ended up saying yes to her boyfriend's proposal. Lynn prefaced by reminding people that what happened to her wasn't something out of a movie, but her real life, and in that moment at the theme park, she didn't accept her boyfriend's proposal — at first.

"We drove home in awkward silence that day. I was completely paralyzed, but two days later the unhealed version of myself that I was, I agreed to put the ring on and play fiancée," she recalled. Lynn explained that she isn't a messy person and didn't want to embarrass herself further, and instead, she kept her cool and assessed the situation and what would be the best outcome for her.



Around three months after their engagement, they ended up falling apart. Lynn said she felt she couldn't trust him anymore, and nothing he could do was going to win back that lost trust in the first place. 

"I had so much invested in this relationship that it was really hard for me to break it off immediately," she admitted. "I really tried to give it a go and it took two years and $10,000 of therapy just to finally be right again with myself."

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As for the ring, Lynn revealed that she ended up giving it back to her ex once their relationship ended for good. She explained that she didn't need the bad energy that came along with the ring and wanted a fresh start.

How A Woman Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her The Exact Moment He Proposed To HerPhoto: fizkes / Shutterstock (ring)

"You have to remember that karma will always do its job. Silence is deadly, and silence gives you your power back," she continued. "The best thing I ever did was leave that relationship with my head held high. I educated myself to make sure that I never associated with another man like that ever again."

There is no greater hurt than finding out that the person you loved and hoped to spend the rest of your life with has stepped out on you and the relationship without a second thought about how the truth would be equally as devastating. Kudos to Lynn for realizing that she didn't need that type of man in her life, especially as a partner, and hopefully any other person out there who has felt this level of betrayal can realize that too.

The best revenge is to become a better, healthier version of yourself and protect your peace so that no person can ever have that much power over you in the future. It's true that the hurt doesn't go away overnight, but the best plan of action is to think about yourself from here on out.

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