Woman Convinces Cheating Boyfriend To Get Tattoo Dedicated To Her Before Dumping Him

She pretended to not know a thing.

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Getting a tattoo for someone else takes a lot of commitment and dedication — just ask Pete Davidson. If you’re getting a tattoo for that person, it’s likely that you’re very invested in them and your relationship with them. But what happens when the other person isn’t?

In fact, what happens when your partner actually convinced you to get one purely out of revenge?

One woman decided to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend by making him get a tattoo of her art before breaking up with him.

A woman named Maddie posted a since-deleted TikTok video in which she filmed her trip to the tattoo parlor with her boyfriend to get him a tattoo of her art — only, it’s not as sweet as it originally seems.


“Went through my bfs phone didn’t like what I saw so I booked him an appointment to get my artwork tattooed he picked the placement,” read the caption, “gonna break up with him now.”

cheating boyfriend hand tattoo tiktok screenshotPhoto: TikTok

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Unfortunately for the now ex-boyfriend, he chose the back of his hand as the placement for the tattoo — which is a beautiful drawing of a pair of lips with an eye inside.

The video stirred quite a bit of controversy, with some people feeling a little bad for the guy and others going into a full psychoanalysis of what she did.

“Y’all really do anything except just leave,” wrote one person.

“Naw wait what'd he do? Very few things warrant [something] like this,” said another, which prompted Maddie to explain in a follow-up video that her ex had cheated on her. She claimed that she went through her ex's phone is because she had suspicions that he was cheating on her with the mom of the kids she babysits. Turns out he was. She also revealed that he was the one who set her up with the babysitting gig and to make matters even worse the former couple still work together at their other job!

It may be tempting to get revenge on a cheating partner, and giving them a lifelong reminder of what they've done is certainly one way to do it. However, some weren't convinced.


“This is seriously sociopathic behavior,” read someone’s comment. “Regardless of what guy found on his phone and if it was accidental or not, have some class and just move on.”

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Others were more concerned that Maddie went through her ex's phone unbeknownst to him.

“Not defending him, but how about we stop going through people's phones without consent?” asked another, to which someone replied, “How about they stop being disloyal to their partners where they wouldn't have to go [through] their phones?” 

Unfortunately, when you have suspicions that something's amiss in your relationship, it can be easy to pick up your partner's phone and go looking for something that will either confirm or ease your suspicions. However, experts say that's not a good idea.




“If you’re looking for something inappropriate, you’ll find it," dating and empowerment expert Laurel House told Elite Daily. "You can twist and mistake words and purposes. You can make assumptions and make up stories.”

After getting her revenge, it appeared Maddie broke up with him. Maybe a tattoo coverup is in order?


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