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Woman Calls Cops After Catching Fiancé Cheating With His Married Co-Worker On Her Wedding Day

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Finding your fiancé with another woman on your wedding day is probably the worst kind of betrayal. TikToker Kirsten Morgan shared her unfortunate experience with just that in a TikTok video.

Morgan detailed how she found her fiancé cheating on her with his married coworker on their wedding day.

Morgan explained that she had been with her fiancé for four years and they were going to get married soon. However, she became suspicious about her fiancé's relationship with his coworker a few days before the wedding. She confronted him on several occasions about it, however, he claimed that nothing was going on.

Morgan still had a feeling that something was wrong, so the couple decided to postpone the wedding.



On the day they were supposed to get married, upon entering the house she bought for them, she found her fiancé naked as well as women’s boots in the living room. She later found the woman in the bedroom putting clothes on. 

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Shocked by the situation, Morgan called the cops to report an intruder in her house.

In her video, she claimed that it wasn’t the best move, however, at the time, she didn’t know what else to do.



After dealing with the police, she confronted the woman. The woman stated that she was in love with Morgan’s fiancé and planning on leaving her husband for him. Morgan was confused as to why the woman was thinking that considering Morgan was not only with him but also supposed to get married on that day.

“It later came out that they had been having an affair for quite some time," Morgan said, "she told me several months.”

She further mentioned the two had been together long before Morgan had doubts about them.

“As much as it hurt and as angry as I was, I was relieved,” said Morgan, mentioning that she felt not only betrayed by her fiancé but manipulated by him. She had suspected the two for a while, however, he had been cheating on her and lying all this time. She claimed that her fiancé blamed her for her lack of trust and gaslighting her to the point that even Morgan had started to believe that she might have been going insane.

However, this incident gave her some relief and assured her that there was nothing wrong with her.

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Her fiancé fought with her over the house she bought.

Morgan further mentioned that she wanted to sell the house she had bought with her money. However, her fiancé didn’t want to let that happen as he tried to steal it from her.



She also mentioned that the woman went back to her husband — however, that wasn’t the end of it. Her fiancé brought a different coworker into the house just a few weeks after everything had happened. The woman treated the house like her own as she had moved in with her mom and her dog.

Morgan had a hard time trying to get them to leave and then sell the house. Even after they left, she had to deal with a mess and damage done to the house. 

“333 days later, I was free. And we celebrated. I went to counseling. I’ve navigated on a lot of reading and worked on a lot of healing,” said Morgan.

Stressing that it was an immensely difficult time for her, Morgan noted that she has now moved past it and learned a lot from that experience. 

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