5 Tiny Signs You're Dating Mr. Horribly Wrong

The signs all say move on when you choose to see them.

Last updated on Dec 12, 2023

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Have you ever walked away from a relationship and then looked back to suddenly notice all the warning signs that indicated they were completely wrong for you?

As we look back, it is easier to see the red flags were there and we weren't seeing them, or were we aware but chose to ignore them?

Five clear signs indicate the person you are interested in will not lead you to the happy and fulfilling relationship you desire.


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Here are 5 tiny signs you're dating Mr. Wrong.

1. You can't trust them

Trust is the most crucial building block of a successful relationship. If you can't trust a person, it makes no difference how great they are in other areas, what kind of money they make, or how great the chemistry is between you.

If you find yourself with someone who doesn't honor their word and agreements, there is only one thing you must do: Leave.

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2. You make excuses

The need to love and be loved is wired into our DNA. Unfortunately, this often leads to short-circuiting of our brains.

If you are in a relationship with someone and you constantly make excuses for their actions and behavior, it's time to end it and find a partner you don't have to make excuses for.

3. You are consistently unhappy

Isn't love supposed to make you feel good? Isn't a lover supposed to enhance your life and make it better?

If the person you're dating causes you to have more tears than smiles, it's not a sign of how much you love them. It's a sign they aren't the right one for you.


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4. You're working too hard

If you put in all the effort to make them happy for the relationship to work, it's a clear-cut sign you are with the wrong person.

Every relationship has its challenges, but when the right people come together, these challenges become nothing more than little speed bumps in life.



5. You're afraid to leave

The telltale sign that you are with Mx. Wrong is when you stay with a partner and continue to make the relationship work because you are afraid of leaving.


Fear is a natural tendency designed to protect us and keep us safe. However, when it comes to dating and relationships, our fears often cause us to make choices and decisions that work against us and what we desire.

If you find yourself dating someone and you're unhappy and afraid to move on, it's time to make the tough decision. It might be challenging to do, but down the road, you will see it was a great move on your part.

If you notice any of these signs in your partner, it's probably in your best interest to end the relationship.


It's not going to be easy. If you've got strong feelings for them, it will be even more difficult. But making the tough choice separates those who have great relationships from those who have mediocre ones.

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Joe Amoia is the founder and creator of GPS For Love. He is an International dating and relationship expert who specializes in helping single women navigate the complex world of men, dating, and relationships.