7 Questions Men Should Be Prepared To Answer If Their Wife Suspects They're Cheating

If you're cheating, chances are she already knows.

Last updated on Jul 09, 2023

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Brothas, if you want my advice about marriage and relationships, there is one thing you should definitely know. If you are cheating on your woman, it is far more likely than not that she already knows about it.

Most girlfriends and wives are highly in tune with the mannerisms and behaviors their boyfriends or husbands display not just toward them, but toward people in general and under a wide variety of circumstances.


If you disagree with me and you think you can feel free to just do you and continue to have an affair without ever facing allegations of infidelity, I can pretty much guarantee that there will, indeed, come a time when you walk through the door and find her wide awake and waiting in the dark to ask you a full laundry list of questions.

Husbands, here are seven questions you should be well prepared to answer if you're cheating on your wife and hoping she never finds out.

Here are 7 questions men should be prepared to answer if their wife suspects they're cheating:

1. "Who do you keep texting?"

When you answer just one text under the table, your girl is going to suspect something.


If you make it a habit, be prepared to have a good answer to this question.

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2. "You have another business meeting this late at night?"

She knows you really don’t like your job. So when you are constantly staying late for meetings, you'd better know the subject matter and everyone who will also be attending, because you will need to be able to have every single one of them corroborate your story.

3. "Is she really just a friend?"

Everyone remembers the Biz Markie song “Just a Friend.”

She knows that you have some female friends, and that’s no crime, but if you keep sharing funny stories about one in particular or she happens to show up at a family event, the woman you love may understandably get suspicious.


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4. "You sure did step up your wardrobe game lately ... WHY?"

Your fashion sense was okay, but certainly not good enough to get you featured in GQ. Now all of a sudden, you’re spending more time in the bathroom getting yourself ready than she does.

What gives, Mister?

5. "Why are you always so tired?"

It used to be that you could not wait for her to get home. You were so touchy-feely, you just couldn't wait to turn out the lights and close. Now she catches you gazing off in the distance right past her, daydreaming about something (or someone?) else as she walks on by, and when you come to bed, you're immediately out like a light. Too tired tonight, babe. Again.


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6. "Are you having an affair with (insert name of a friend here)?"

The most egregious thing you can do to your lady is cheating on her with someone she knows, especially one of her closest friends. She would never think someone close to her would step into the middle of her relationship with you and destroy it. Now, she not only loses her relationship, but her friendship, too.

If you're guilty of this one, be prepared for fireworks. Infidelity is one thing. Adding humiliation into the mix is quite another — and it is never pretty.

7. "I'm done with excuses. Are you cheating on me or not?"

You can only duck and dodge the truth for so long before the woman who knows you better than anyone has had it and finally confronts you.


My advice to you in response to all of these questions is simple. Be honest.

She won't like it, but she would definitely prefer to hear the truth from you than out in the street.

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Keith Dent is a writer, blogger, and certified empowerment coach. He is the author of In the Paint: How to Win at the Game of Love.