The Fittest People In The World Follow These 5 Stupidly Simple Rules

Follow these simple rules to become a little fitter every day.

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Fit folks are wired differently. They like doing things that most people loathe.

They love going to the gym. They show up daily and they are suckers for long-term gratification.

Exercise is their addiction and a healthy lifestyle is their holy grail. 

Here are 5 stupidly simple rules that the fittest people follow:

1. They follow the Pareto principle

Highly fit people I know eat a healthy diet daily. They never break the rules of basic nutrition but they might bend them a little occasionally.


They follow the Pareto principle thoroughly by eating healthy foods 80% of the time and respecting their cravings the rest of the time.

They have learned that it doesn't matter how heavy they lift in the gym, they will ruin both their health and gains if they don’t control what goes in their kitchen.

They follow the bare minimum habits that can help them yield maximum results with small efforts like meal prepping

So, they have made it a habit to eat healthily on most days. They balance it with a cheat meal every week.

A cheat meal and not a cheat day, they make sure to practice moderation to avoid overeating.


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2. They have a core reason to exercise

Highly fit people maintain their healthy habits for years without much effort.

It baffles a normal joe, that someone can exercise daily without an excuse. But what people fail to understand is that exercise is as instinctive for highly fit people as brushing their teeth.

They have been grinding in the gym for so long that now it would be impossible for them to imagine a life without exercise.

This addiction usually starts with an insecurity that they are trying to hide.

  • I started exercising to battle my mental demons.
  • My friend started to exercise because he was bullied for being thin his entire life.
  • My mom started yoga because she was afraid of becoming bedridden again because of her bad back.

Highly fit people stick to an exercise routine for years because they have a core reason that they can’t let go.


And this reason is more meaningful than losing a few pounds, getting six-pack abs or building a great booty.

Find the core reason that motivates you to show up daily.

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3. They incorporate fitness into other aspects of their life

Highly fit people have successfully made fitness easy. They have created a fitness mindset that helps them choose the healthiest option.

They do deter from the path sometimes but they always get back on it seamlessly.

They have added fitness to all aspects of their life.

  • They work on a standing desk.
  • They go on treks for leisure.
  • They prioritize their mental health.
  • They cook healthy recipes with their family.

A healthy lifestyle comes naturally to them now after years of hard work. They have mastered the art of healthy living after hundreds of setbacks.


It looks easy, but in reality, it’s the most difficult thing that they have ever done.

4. They make fitness fun

Exercise can still become stale even after years of practice. So, highly fit people try to keep it fun by mixing things up.

In the seven years, I have tried many forms of exercises including yoga, running, Zumba, weight training, HIIT and many more.

One time I was so bored with my regular exercise routine that I decided to go to the trampoline park nearby with friends to have quality time.

Highly fit people keep fitness exciting. They switch up their routine before it gets boring and stale.

They make exercise fun so it never feels like a chore. My brother who loves to lift weights has momentarily left weight training to get punched in the face by his friends in a kickboxing class.


You need to follow your curiosity and try out as many exercises as you like until you find the one that you love.

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5. They always make time 

No matter how busy or crappy the day was highly fit people always find the time to exercise. It’s their drug that always makes them feel better.


They are addicted to the high they get after a good workout session. Also, they have realized that they need to exercise the most when they don’t feel like it.

Over the years they have formed sustainable habits that help them keep their fitness on track even in rough times.

They choose active movement at all times, they do small bare minimum things daily that help them become more healthy.

Highly fit people choose fitness daily by being more active. They take care of themselves before anything else.

They make fitness easy by opting to take the stairs, parking their car a little further away, and choosing an apple over a cookie.

All these small daily decisions add up and make them healthy and fit.


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Khyati Jain is an editor and writer with expertise in health, fitness, lifestyle, and mental health.