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19 Quick (And Effective) Workout Routines To Get You Ready For Summer

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Whether your goals are to lose weight, detoxify and get healthier, or just to build muscle and feel more energized, we've gathered 19 exercise routines that you can add to your summer body workout plan.

We all know that everybody is already beach-ready, no matter your size or shape. But if you're looking to change up your routine and get moving in new ways, you don't need a personal training program, all you need are these workout routines to help you get back into the swing of things!

To increase your full body muscle mass, you have to have a high-intensity workout routine and a long-term workout plan that will burn fat and build muscle.

What they say about feeling good and looking good is true — there's nothing sexier than someone who oozes confidence! And a great way of gaining confidence is to move your body and get healthier in all aspects of your life.

So if you're ready to get into the best shape you’ve ever been, then get some "fitspiration" from the following workout routines. 

Here are 19 of the best workouts to include in your summer body workout plan. 

1. 10-week workout plan.

Can you get ripped in 4 weeks? You can get ripped in 4 weeks if you are already very fit, however, for most people it will take a bit longer to get ripped.

If that's your goal, then this 10-week workout routine will definitely help with that. Just remember: consistency is key when it comes to exercise and be sure to consult your doctor beforehand to prevent injury. And don't forget your rest days!


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2. Thighs and booty lower body workout for women.

This "sexy workout" is sure to keep your thighs and butt nice and firm. Make sure when you bend your knees you have to have a proper form with your feet shoulder-width apart.

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3. Metabolism booster 10-minute core workout routine.

This exercise routine is perfect for tightening up your core and strengthening your lower back.

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​4. Summer arm, leg, and ab workout.

This is a new twist on what is usually a super-boring workout routine. It basically forces you to mix things up day by day so your body never gets too used to one area at a time.

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5. The non-negotiable 100 rep daily workouts.

This is super high intensity and also includes meditation. Some people are skeptical to meditate, but don’t knock it before you try it!


6. Indoor cardio routine.

If you can’t make it out of the house, this is perfect for you because rain or shine it’s doable! Jumping jacks and jump rope are also great forms of cardio that will get your heart rate up and help you burn those calories.


7. Abs, obliques, and transverse slim waist summer workout.

This will tighten your core but you need to make sure you include your obliques because they’re one of the most forgotten muscles.

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8. Summer beach body workout routine.

This routine will keep you constantly active, help you burn fat, and boost your metabolism.

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9. Upper body bikini arms routine.

This routine will give you that sexy muscle definition lots of people are looking for. When you bend your elbows or are holding a dumbbell, make sure you have the correct form like having your palms facing forward when doing a shoulder press.

If you include weights, only lift what you can, never lift too much weight than you're able to lift.

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10. Name spelling workout.

This one is a fun way to stay active. Might I suggest using some aliases for the sake of variety!

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11. Beach body routine full-body bodyweight circuit.

This will have you dripping sweat and burning calories in no time. Just think results!

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12. Icona pop one song workout.

This is another fun routine, especially if you like the song "I Love It" by Icona Pop!

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13. Dancer’s legs workout.

Dancers know a thing or two about leg workouts, so get a taste for what it's really like to work out like a dancer (hint: it's a lot harder than it looks!)

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14. Core HIIT workout for women.

This is a very high-intensity workout that will improve your endurance and help you burn body fat.

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15. 30-day abs challenge.

How do you get a summer body in 30 days? If you like being challenged then you should try one of the many 30-day fitness challenges that could be full-body, abs, butt, legs, or any part of your body that you want more toned. This particular challenge is for abs and it is a killer one if you want to get those rock-hard abs for Summer!

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16. 1000 Calorie Workout.

So this workout is crazy intense, but if you're looking to burn calories fast, it's a sure bet.

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17. Butt and gut 30-day plan.

How do you get a beach body in 1 month? To get your beach body in one month, you need an intense workout that will help grow your butt and help tone your abs. This squat-heavy workout plan will get your butt in shape and your abs toned in no time flat.

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18. BuzzFeed's get fit summer challenge.

Another challenge if you’re up for it. You’ll be working everything out!

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19. 30-day arm fat challenge.

Learn how to get rid of fat in those hard-to-reach places.

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