The #1 Thing That Will Make Dealing With Your Divorce Easier


Just because you're getting a divorce doesn't mean that you can't be civil.

Making the decision to get a divorce is seriously scary. No one ever really expects that they'll wake up one day and realize that their relationship isn't working out and there's nothing they can do to save it — Not to mention having to face the fact that they'll be living apart after being together for so long. But do you know what's even scarier? Everything that comes after that decision has been made.

Splitting up doesn't just affect your relationship with your partner, it has a direct effect on your family. Does this make you and your ex enemies? What exactly does the divorce mean for your kids? These thoughts probably hit the tip of the iceberg of everything else that you're concerned about. That being said, regardless of the animosity you're feeling towards your ex partner, you have to figure out a way to get past the issues for the sake of the kids. Turning to a divorce mediator is one way of doing just that.

In the video above, Rachel Green makes the case for why you should settle your differences through mediation is a great way to avoid the drama that comes with divorce, and how the right mediator can put your family on the path to recovery. What's better than getting closure by coming to an agreement without having to spend a lot of bucks to do it?