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Man Gets Another Woman Pregnant While Married & Decides To Name Baby After His Wife

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When it comes to naming a baby, the names of exes, disgraced historical figures and personal enemies are usually off the list. But one couple struggling to get creative with their daughter's name decided to ignore that unspoken rule.

A woman on Reddit's r/TrueOffMyChest subreddit — an online space for people to share personal and intimate stories — says her brother and his girlfriend took a unique approach to naming their baby girl.

A man and his mistress named their baby after the man's soon-to-be ex-wife.

“This situation is very strange,” the woman wrote. “It’s something I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Her brother and his ex-wife are in the process of divorcing after he cheated on her in an affair that resulted in a pregnancy.

“My brother is still legally married because they have only lived apart for six months, there are 18 months to go before their marriage can be dissolved,” she wrote. “I don't condone it but my brother was with his girlfriend while he was married and her pregnancy and his wife discovering the affair caused her to leave him,” she wrote.

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Now, months later, her niece has arrived but her brother and his girlfriend chose to give their daughter the same name as her brother’s soon-to-be ex-wife. She claimed that the name is “uncommon.”

“His wife told me once that she's only known of one other person with her name,” the woman wrote. “It's never been anywhere on the list of popular baby names here in New Zealand.”

The man's sister says she has also never met anyone else with the name — until her baby niece was born.

“His girlfriend doesn't have anyone in her family with that name and she knows my brother's wife's name she already knew that when their affair started," she wrote. “I want to emphasize that my niece is loved no matter what her parents did,” she added. “Our family was very excited when she was born.”

Still, she is confused as to why her brother and his girlfriend chose to name the baby after his soon-to-be ex-wife.

“It feels strange to me,” she confessed. “I know I can't say anything to him but I am so curious and I'm not the only one who is.”

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People were disgusted by her brother’s actions and decisions.

“That is creepy! His girlfriend is weird to name her daughter after her boyfriend‘s wife,” one person said.

Others offered their interpretations as to why the woman’s brother and his girlfriend chose to give their baby the same name as his ex.

“They named her that because your niece is the trophy for their actions and there is no better way to hurt someone,” another Redditor commented. “The kind of people that are like this are the type who are just awful people.” 

There are no hard-and-fast rules for baby names, but there is some unspoken etiquette.

While each U.S. state has its own laws when it comes to choosing a legal baby name (for example, baby names can't include numbers — sorry, Elon Musk), for the most part, parents have free reign when it comes to naming their kids.

That said, there are some unspoken rules people typically follow that protect the kid in the long run. As an article on SheKnows notes, it's always wise to ask permission and avoid drama when choosing a baby name based on someone you know — and something tells us this man's ex-wife wouldn't agree to her husband's mistress using her name. Not only that, it's also disrespectful to the child, who may someday wonder about the origins of her name.

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