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Man Wonders If He’s Wrong To Refuse To Pick New Name For His Newborn After Brother-In-Law ‘Stole’ It For His Son

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A man took to Reddit to settle a debate he's having with his brother-in-law who named his son that names the man had picked out for the baby he has on the way.

The 31-year-old man and his 32-year-old wife struggled to have a child for a while until they finally got it right and the wife is now 7 months pregnant.

Now that the due date is so soon, the couple talked about what they’re going to name their newborn son, and they settled on names that have familial ties to the husband.

Excited about picking out the names, they decided to share their decision on the names with the wife’s brother and his wife.

However, they lived to regret this.

The brother-in-law stole the names from them and now they refuse to use new ones.

The subreddit called “r/AmItheA--hole” is full of wonderful internet strangers that will help you work through your problems by offering their opinions and advice by giving you a rating that boils down to “yes” or “no,” to answer the “a--hole” question.

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So the man knew exactly where to go when he was faced with a moral dillemma about his baby's name.

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“We started searching for a first and middle name and since I come from Irish origins we decided to settle on my great uncle's first name and my grandfather's middle name,” wrote the original poster — the husband.

First and foremost, the names they chose have a special meaning to the Irishman, and they do not have any meaning to the brother-in-law aside from it being something that the poster chose.

“My BIL (a doctor with a superiority complex) thought the name was awesome, unbeknownst to us,” he wrote, “he and his wife decided to basically take not just the first but the middle name and use them for their son who was born 3 weeks ago.”

Why would someone steal the name of two important people in someone else’s family and use it to name their own child?

Surely, it must have some sort of malicious intent, but the husband doesn’t care and even told his brother-in-law that when he asked about it.

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“I told him we're still sticking with the original first and middle names we chose, he sounded confused saying we no longer have a right to these names after he and his wife ‘claimed them’ and said it was strange that we're still planning on using them,” he continued.

“I laughed and said that they didn't claim sh--! The fact of the matter is, he and his wife stole those names from us and should deal with it.”

Now, this is where things fly south because the brother-in-law is now furious and got his entire family to come after him and his wife, who is on his side despite being a part of the BIL’s family.

Unfortunately, his wife has started to crack under exceeding pressure from the family, but fortunately, the internet is on their side.

“NTA. He basically said ‘Hey I like what you’re doing, so I’m gonna and you can’t’ That’s not how the world works. Also that family sounds messed up man,” wrote the top comment.

It does sound like the brother-in-law specifically went out of his way to do this and make the husband upset.

Not only did he take the names, but also asked what the “new names” would be, implying he knew they’d change them after they took them, and was furious after they refused.

He even took the time out to send them a list of new names for the child, which many people in the comments said they should send back for the newborn child since they think they’re acceptable names.

The brother-in-law seems like a real narcissist because the husband also commented on the post somewhere that his BIL made his wedding all about him.

Hopefully, they don’t back down and they teach that guy a lesson because this is wildly immature coming from a fully grown adult in a professional field that holds so much responsibility.

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