Teen Daughter Conflicted After Her Mom Asks Her To Cut Off All Her Hair So She Can Wear It As A Wig

She loves her mother, but she does not want to lose part of herself by giving up her hair.

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A teenager is grappling with conflicting emotions after her ill mother asked for a huge favor.

The mom asked her teenage daughter to cut her hair so she could use it as a wig since she lost hers due to chemotherapy treatment.

Sharing her dilemma to the subreddit r/AmITheJerk, the 16-year-old girl revealed that she lives with her mother and loves her more than anything. Her father died when she was young, and it has been just the two of them for years. 


Sadly, a few months ago, the girl’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. 

“After a few rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, she lost all of her hair, and she had to shave it off,” the girl wrote. 

Mom Asks Teen Daughter To Cut Off All Her Hair To Use As A Wig After Losing Her Hair Due To Cancer Treatments Photo: Halfpoint / Shutterstock

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The daughter, on the other hand, has "long blonde thick hair that falls down to [her] hips and is healthy." Evidently, her hair has become a point of contention between the pair, as her mother has grown "jealous" since losing her own. 

"She demanded that I cut my hair so it can be made into a wig for her," the daughter shared, adding that she is hesitant to agree.

Although she emphasized that she loves her mother and is saddened by what she is going through, she doesn't want to give in to her demands and sacrifice her hair. 

"It took me years for me to grow my hair out, and I don't plan on cutting it anytime soon, but I love my mum," she wrote. "I refused to do it."


Most people online came to the girl’s defense, arguing that her mother could obtain a wig in other ways. 

“There are special programs to supply wigs to women dealing with cancer. Talk to someone in the oncology department where your mom’s getting treatment or Google places that do this near you,” one Redditor recommended. 



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“That is an unreasonable request, and your mum needs to access appropriate services that can help her,” another user wrote. 


“As someone who is currently being traumatized by losing her hair, it’s absolutely horrendous she would make this demand of you. Your hair is yours. Don’t let her manipulate you into doing anything you don’t want. There are plenty of ways she can get a wig,” another commented. 

Others online noted that there were other ways the girl could demonstrate her support for her mother through her cancer battle, including helping her in and out of bed, bringing her food and medications, and simply reminding her of how strong she is. 

Mom Asks Teen Daughter To Cut Off All Her Hair To Use As A Wig After Losing Her Hair Due To Cancer Treatments Photo: Africa Studio / Shutterstock 


For most teenage girls, hair plays a significant role in shaping their confidence, with many linking their hair with attractiveness and desirability. 

Hair also allows teenagers to express themselves and have control over their appearances, contributing to their overall self-esteem. 

Demanding that they chop it all off can be traumatic and can make them feel as if they are losing part of themselves. 

While the girl’s mother is going through an unimaginable time and deserves empathy, she is not entitled to anyone else’s hair, even if she lost her own. Instead of insisting her daughter cut hair, she must seek out alternatives through hair and wig donation programs. 


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