Barber Shaves His Head To Show Support For His Mother Going Through Chemotherapy

His mother was getting choked up at his show of solidarity.

Guilherme Magalhães, Claudia, barbers TikTok

A barber's sweet gesture while shaving his mother's hair before she started chemotherapy has left many people feeling emotional.

The moment was captured in a video that has since gone viral after a barber in Brazil filmed himself shaving his mother's hair after she had been diagnosed with cancer and was about to start treatment. After noticing how weepy and unhappy his mother looked, the barber decided to take matters into his own hands in an attempt to cheer her up.


He shaved his head in solidarity with his mother who was losing hers because of chemotherapy.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Guilherme Magalhães, a barber working at the Barbearia Entre Amigos shop in the Brazilian municipality of Presidente Epitácio, had sat his mother, Claudia, down in the chair so he could shave her head.

After being diagnosed with laryngeal cancer a few years ago, Cluadia recently had to resume treatment. Due to the chemotherapy making her hair eventually fall out, she chose to have it all shaved off beforehand. 

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barber shaves mother's head prior to her chemoPhoto: TikTok

In the clip that captured the moment, Magalhães is seen shaving his mother's head. Looking in the mirror, Claudia appeared to be visibly distraught, though she was trying her hardest to hide it from her son. Clearly able to see his mother becoming overwhelmed, Magalhäes didn't hesitate to take the buzzer to his own head.

Surprised, Claudia looks at her son, and while the video doesn't share any audio, it's easy to tell that she was becoming equally choked up at her son's gesture. Magalhäes didn't seem too concerned about cutting off all his hair and was even smiling and laughing as he did it.


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It wasn't long before other barbers in the shop joined suit in cutting their hair off.

While trying to fight back tears, the effort proved to be useless after Claudia noticed her son's coworkers and friends, Fernando Brito and Deeh Winchester, approach her chair and get their heads shaved by Magalhäes as well. Brito even gives Claudia a pat on the back as she wipes away a lone tear.

In a photo Brito shared to his Instagram of him, Claudia, Magalhäes, and Winchester with their shaved heads, he wrote in the caption: "No obstacle will be big if your will to win is bigger.”


barbers shave heads for mom going through chemoPhoto: Instagram / Fernando Brito

In an interview with the Brazillian news outlet, BHAZ, Magalhäes admitted that the entire thing had been spontaneous. "My own friends didn't know, it was something very spontaneous and it reverberated in a good way. At the time she was very surprised and then it became something exciting for her,” he explained.

"She didn't expect me to shave my head either. Now she receives my support and the whole of Brazil. All [these] repercussions ended up increasing my mother's self-esteem. Like it or not, hair is something very important for women and essential [for] self-esteem. But I know it will be a passing thing.”


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