Bride Called 'Disrespectful' For Photoshopping Her Mother-In-Law Out Of Her Wedding Photos After She Refused To Let The Couple Pose Alone

Meanwhile, her husband quietly enabled his mom’s behavior.

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It's entirely unsurprising that a bride and groom would want to take photos together to commemorate their marriage — it is their wedding, after all. 

But when one groom’s mother refused to hop out of the spotlight to let the newlyweds pose for a photo alone, the bride took matters into her own hands.

The groom's overbearing mother refused to let the couple take a photo alone at their wedding — so the bride photoshopped her out.

Posting to Reddit, the 29-year-old bride explained that she recently married her 32-year-old husband. Before the pair even tied the knot, his mother was already attempting to take control.


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Despite the bride having already made arrangements for her dress, the food, the music, and the decorations, her mother-in-law continued to make her own suggestions. "I brushed it off, as I was excited and all," she wrote.


On the day of the wedding, the bride said, “Everything went great.” The food and service were exactly as she had hoped, and an artist even drew her and her husband as they kissed at the altar.

That doesn't mean her mother-in-law was on her best behavior, however. The groom's mom made the ultimate wedding faux pas and wore a white dress, which upset the bride, though she decided to brush it off.

But her mother-in-law once again got in the way when it came time to take professional photos of the happy couple. 

“We stood in front of the camera (we had no 'official' previous photos besides the kiss), but my MIL walked into the photo,” the bride explained. “I told her politely to get out a little so me and my husband could take photos with the professional first. She didn't listen and stayed in any way, and my husband didn't say anything.”


The bride was later called 'disrespectful' and 'dramatic' for photoshopping her mother-in-law out of a wedding photo.

"I took one of our photos and photoshopped her out of it, as I didn't have a chance to get a photo with him alone," she wrote.

It’s common wedding etiquette to respect and value the bride and groom’s preferences at their ceremony, especially when it comes to their photos. You only get to celebrate your wedding day once and photos are a tangible form of memories that you can hold on to and cherish.

Rather than respecting the bride's wishes, as she had every right to request a photo alone with her husband, the poor woman was ignored by her mother-in-law — and worse, her husband turned a blind eye as well. 

When the bride posted the edited photo on social media, she received a text from her mother-in-law, who took issue with her decision.


“She said I am disrespectful and family comes first through everything," the bride wrote. "But I said that it was MY wedding, and I understood that, but I wanted a photo with him alone, and she did not allow that."

On top of that, her husband took his mom’s side, calling his wife “dramatic.”

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Reddit users argued that if anyone was disrespectful and dramatic, it was the mother-in-law who deliberately tried to make her son’s wedding about herself.

One individual acknowledged the mother-in-law’s outright disrespect and expressed their surprise that not even the photographer was willing to speak up and ask the woman to leave the frame. “So, you had a photo that was not what you wanted. You made it what you wanted. OK, good for you. If she wants to pull the respect card ... you've got a couple of points to hit her with," the user commented. "1: Wearing white to a wedding(?) Really, who does that except those who chronically need the spotlight?” 


“2: Imposing herself in a photo where she was asked [not] to," they continued. "As for being 'dramatic' or not ... that all lies in the delivery. Setting a boundary is only drama if the other person tries to invalidate it. Respect goes both ways."

Reddit users additionally labeled the husband as a “mama’s boy” for lacking the ability to speak for himself. Several others pointed out that this moment of conflict highlights what the wife will likely have to deal with for the remainder of her marriage, and it might be worth considering a much-needed conversation with her husband about their loyalty and respect for each other.

“This will be a conflict for the rest of your marriage if your husband refuses to stand up for HIS family, which is now YOU AND HIM," one commenter wrote.


“You’ve been shown very clearly what your position will be in your husband’s life,” another user commented. “Either take steps to get out of there or just roll over and go with the flow. I hope you decide to choose yourself.”

This situation allowed the husband the opportunity to support his wife’s wishes on their wedding day, but he didn't take it.

While it may have seemed dramatic from his perspective, as he is likely acclimated to his mom’s manipulative behavior, this husband failed to support his wife on the very first day of their marriage.

Rather than speaking up to his mom and enforcing necessary boundaries, he stayed quiet and enabled her impudence, which only demonstrates what the rest of their marriage will likely look like.


His behavior proved that he'd take his mother's side when faced with a conflict between his mom and wife. It’s not easy to navigate friction between important people in one's life, yet, in this case, the husband’s mom was clearly crossing a line, and he either failed to notice or failed to care. 

While photoshopping anyone out of a photo can certainly come across as rude, the bride asked for a photo alone, and no one, including her husband, respected her wishes. It’s only natural that she would choose to do such a thing — and frankly, disappointing that she had to. 

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