Woman's Mother-In-Law Tries To 'Upstage' Her Son's Bride At Their Wedding With Petty Behavior

The mother-in-law wore a white dress to her son's wedding. But that's not even the worst part.

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Reddit user Twochickennugget turned to the subreddit r/JustnoMIL to share an outrageous story about the petty behavior her mother-in-law displayed at their wedding. She claimed to have had a good relationship with their mother-in-law — that is, until the wedding took place.

A woman claimed her mother-in-law tried to upstage her at the bride's wedding.

The first act of trivial behavior exhibited by the mother-in-law was wearing a white dress to the wedding. The bride's husband asked his mother to wear her pink shawl so the dress did not look so bridal in photos, but the mother-in-law became “so f---ing offended.”


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The second act of childish behavior expressed by the mother-in-law was that she only smiled in the photos where it was just her and her son. In any picture with the bride in them, the mother-in-law glared at her.

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The third act of immature behavior demonstrated by the mother-in-law was the content of her speech. The bride claimed that the speech had nothing to do with the bride and groom, but the mother-in-law explained how “she can’t do anything right.”

Lastly, the mother-in-law now refuses to talk to the bride after the wedding. According to the OP, "It’s been a month and a half since [the] wedding, she is refusing to speak with me directly and is continuously asking to spend one on one time with my husband, assuring him that she will 'invite [me] along some other time.'"

The mother-in-law also talks trash about the bride to her entire family. Many would say she sounds like the mother-in-law from hell.

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People suggested that the bride match the mother-in-law’s pettiness with her own.

One user said that the bride should ask her wedding photographer to edit the color of the mother-in-law’s wedding dress. A different user agreed and wrote, “Lime green… neon pink… have fun with it.” A third user suggested an “ugly brownish mustard” color instead.

The commenters also suggested that the bride post all of the pictures with the mother-in-law scowling so that she is embarrassed. “You should post all the sour-faced unsmiling pictures of her with cheerful captions, don’t post the smiling one. I’d post a pic of her sour ass face every day for a month and make sure she sees them, tag her, and say how wonderful your wedding was,” a different user proposed.

To show that the bride is not alone, others shared their horrific mother-in-law stories in the comments. One user wrote, “My MIL didn’t speak to us for a full year after our wedding because 'her parents had a better table'. And she told me my makeup was too dark.” Another shared a similar story about her mother-in-law wanting to wear a white dress to her wedding but ultimately decided against it to instead mess up all of her pictures.

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Many women have strained relationships with their mother-in-laws.

Cambridge University psychologist, Dr. Terri Apter, wrote a book that explains and dives deep into the “fraught” relationship between wives and mother-in-laws titled "What Do You Want From Me?: Learning To Get Along With In-Laws."

In the book, Apter wrote, “Both the mother and the wife are struggling to achieve the same position in the family — primary woman. Each tries to establish or protect their status. Each feels threatened by the other.” It also stands that 44% of women have strained relationships with their mother-in-laws.

Not all wife and mother-in-law relationships are unhealthy, but it is clear from this one story that a lot of them are. So, the next time your mother-in-law is judgmental towards you about your clothes or your parenting style, remember you are not alone and it's not your fault.


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