Simple Pick Up Lines That Work For Guys (EVERY Single Time)

You don't have to be cheesy to grab his attention.

pick up lines for him

Want to set a guy on fire from head to toe, from the moment you lock eyes?



Instead of playing the wallflower waiting on him to approach you, try making the first move yourself, with these foolproof pick up lines for him that work.

Don’t be shy. Guys are pretty easy to snag because no matter what you say, they are just delighted not to have to be the aggressor for once. Have fun, flirty!

So, try some of these pick up lines for him that work:

1. “Hi.”


Sounds sort of obvious and perhaps a bit generic, but it works!

Guys just aren’t used to girls approaching them and your confident friendliness will be refreshing to him. Besides, who doesn’t return a hello greeting? Certainly not a worthy guy!

2. “Can you help me?”

Maybe you notice your new crush has a cool new gadget that you just so happen to be in the market for, so ask his opinion on it.


Or maybe you are reading a book and need a definition for a word that he may know.

Guys like to feel smart and useful, so giving him the opportunity to help you will make him feel special, and thus interested in you.

3. “I like your (fill in what you genuinely like on him – shirt, accessory, smile).”


Find something you like about him, such as an article of clothing. Don’t only let him know you like it, but include a question about it to keep the conversation going.

Girls are lucky; we get complimented all of the time, but guys rarely do.

4. “Want a bite?”

Say you are sitting in a café, eating a piece of decadent chocolate cake, offer the cutie at the table next to you a must-try bite.


Not only is eating dessert a sensual experience, you will appear generous and open. Chances are he will take you up on your offer giving you the opportunity to engage in conversation.

Plus, we could all use one bite less of cake, right?

5. “Oh, I’m sorry."

As you go to grab the sugar at Starbucks or maneuver your way in a not-so crowded bar, gently but still noticeably brushing by a man followed by a coy, “Oh, excuse me,” gives him a signal that you are interested and bounces the ball in his court.


6. “You’re cute and I got sick of waiting for you to come over and talk to me.”

There is nothing wrong with going up to a guy and just saying what you are thinking.

Although you become more vulnerable to rejection with this one (who knows, maybe he is waiting for his girlfriend), you will never wonder, “What if?”


If nothing else, you just get more practice talking to guys. On the other hand, if he isn’t waiting for his girlfriend, this will undoubtedly get him smiling, and chances are he will engage in conversation.

And finally (*BONUS!*), a few lines that don’t work on us ladies but DO work on him.

1. I saved this seat for you.


A great direct invitation.

2. Can I bum a smoke?

Obviously only use this if you ACTUALLY smoke, but it definitely buys you some time with him.

3. Will you go home with me?


Pure shock value guaranteed to get his attention

4. You look just like [fill in hot celebrity here].


Instant ego boost that is sure to light up his face.

5. Will you watch my stuff for a minute?

A subtle way of letting him know he is the ‘chosen one’

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