15 Best Pick Up Lines For "Talk Like A Pirate Day"

Dating: 15 Best Pirate Pick Up Lines

It's that time of year, mateys — International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Since this year, it falls on a Friday (Sept.19), you'll need to be prepared for a night out on the town with your fellow buccaneers.

Grab your sword, feed your parrot and make sure you're armed with at least a few of the best pirate-y pick up lines. After all, they might just get you some booty and they're great conversation starters!

  1. "Wanna know why my Roger is so jolly?" Whether this lassie knows about the traditional pirate flag or not, she's sure to be intrigued. She might even want to make him jollier!
  2. "How about we head back to me ship and rock the boat?" This is the perfect line for a smooth swashbuckler such as yourself. You'll be able to lay dock in the port for a long time.
  3. "Me peg leg isn't the only wood around…" That red flush on her face won't just be from the rum. Show this wench your other extremities, and you're guaranteed a "hook" up.
  4. "Would ye like to shiver me timbers?" This may have been an exclamation for when the boat shook, but tonight you'll be the one shaking things up — they'll be the one exclaiming.
  5. "I sentence ye to walk me plank!" If you know someone has been a rather naughty pirate, both you and the prisoner will find yourselves pleased with this form of punishment.
  6. "Well, blow me down!" A lady pirate likes when she catches a sexy seadweller off guard. If all goes well, you'll be able to leave off the "down" the next time you say this.
  7. "I'd love to drop anchor in yer lagoon." Any mermaid would be happy to let you make port for the night. Just beware of rum goggles. Your siren might really be a seacow.
  8. "Me skull and crossbones aren't the only things I plan on raisin' tonight!" Confidence is something women admire. It might just earn you a skull on your crossbones for the evening.
  9. "They don't call me Long John because my head is so big." Cunning and opportunistic like the original Long John, this line will surely be rewarded with a trip to Treasure Island.
  10. "I must be huntin' treasure, 'cause I'm diggin' yer chest!" Wenches will feel worth their weight in gold after such a compliment. They'll be sure to share that bounty with you.
  11. "I got me a bad case of scurvy, and yer fruits are the only cure!" This will work on buccaneers with bananas or marauders with melons, and you'll feel much better after getting your fill.
  12. "Have ye ever met a man with a real yardarm?" They may really be timbers mounted on a ship's masts, but she'll be satisfied knowing you're wielding some sturdy wood.
  13. "That's the finest pirate booty I've ever laid eyes on." The seas are much harder to win over than any landlubbing lady with this line. You're bound to do swimmingly.
  14. "Strike yer undies and prepare to be boarded." That's the kind of pirattitude we like to see! Be sure to show off your weapons before you climb aboard — they'll definitely surrender.
  15. "Yo ho ho! How 'bouts a bottle of rum?" For a less adventurous buccaneer, this is a great way to get the waves flowing. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good bottle of rum?