8 Reasons Why You Should Have More Sex If You're Over 50


"Over the Hill" never felt so good!

Aging can be a pretty serious business...but it doesn't have to be!

It's inevitable that changes happen in your life and your body as you get older. Kids grow up and start having kids of their own. You retire or get closer to retirement. These are just two radical departures from what you've known, and there are more. Your body changes. Signs of aging show up on the outside and on the inside, too.

The changes that come with getting older don't have to be frightening or negative. Yes, there is the empty nest and there may be more aches and pains, but there is also the potential for renewed freedom to do and be the things you've always wanted...but only if you open your mind to possibilities instead of buying into popular notions of aging!

If you watch TV and movies or read magazines and websites, you've been told certain things about getting older. While these stereotypes are being questioned more and more, they persist—not only on the screen but in our minds, too.

It's common to fully expect that once you get to be a certain age, certain things inevitably happen. Your hair turns gray. You have less energy. You hurt in places you never hurt before. And you aren't as sexually active (or interested) as you used to be.

Maybe you've noticed a decline in your own or your partner's sex drive or ability to make love and that seems to reinforce the stereotype. Maybe you've started to think about regular and satisfying sex as something only in your past to be remembered with nostalgia.

What if all of those beliefs and messages from the media—and your own mind—weren't true?

Not only is it possible to be sexually vital as you get older, it's great for your health and well-being. Here are 8 reasons why having more sex when you're over 50 is a smart idea...

  1. Affirm your sensuality...to yourself. It can feel like there's so much out of your control in life, no matter what your age, and this gets more intense as you get older. As your body changes and maybe gets thicker in some areas or saggier and wrinklier in others, you might start to feel worn out and very UN-sexy. Continuing to be sexually active with a partner you trust and respect can be one way for you to remind yourself that you ARE still a sensual being.
  2. Give your immune system a boost. A study at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania linked regular sexual activity with a stronger immune system. Research participants with stronger immune systems reported having sex one or two times a week with their partner. So if you want to ward off colds, keep things hot with the one you love!
  3. Keep things fresh. Having a routine can be comforting and can benefit you in many ways, but feeling stuck in the doldrums of routine can be miserable! Making love with your partner is one exciting way to keep things fresh in your relationship and life. Enjoy the freedom you and your loved one have at this stage of your lives by enjoying sex whenever you choose.
  4. Stay flexible and limber. There's no need to attempt Kama Sutra-like sex positions to become more flexible and limber—but please do if that appeals to you! Even missionary-style sex will loosen and ease tight muscles. If you have a sore back or arthritis, having an orgasm releases natural pain blockers for an added bonus!
  5. Get a better night's sleep. Yet another benefit of an orgasm is the release of the hormone prolactin. It will help you relax and settle down for a restful night's sleep after you've had fun making love.
  6. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Some women need to wear pads, liners or diapers when they get older to handle leaks due to a weak bladder. Regular sex is a wonderful way to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles and reduce or prevent leaks.
  7. Relieve stress. Even if you can't make love, the power of loving touches and hugs is amazing. Release stress with sex or lovingly embracing the one you love and this can help lower your blood pressure and promote physical and mental health.
  8. Build momentum for more. No matter how long it's been since you last had sex, you can start now to open the door to more. Get re-connected with the one you love and invite him or her to become more sexually active with you. The more you do it, the more momentum you build.


You may be frustrated reading all of this because you know how good it is for you to keep making love with your partner as you get older, but challenges are standing in your way. If physical obstacles are stopping you, please seek help from a qualified health professional. Stay open to a wide range of remedies to whatever is standing in the way of you two having sex.

If long-held resentment or anger is blocking sexual intimacy, isn't it time to take the first step to let that go? Get clear about what the issue is for you and then start looking for solutions instead of focusing on what you don't like or how hurt you are.

You deserve to fully enjoy your relationship and your life no matter how many birthdays you've celebrated. Click here to get doable and realistic actions you can take to create more sexual intimacy and connection with your partner. It's all here in our free ebook, Passionate Spark~Lasting Love.