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What is it about a married man that is so irresistible?

There must be something so irresistible about a married man because so many women fall for them. In just one week, I have encountered two women who have slipped into the trap of fatal attraction for a married man. It is a dangerous territory and I do not recommend that anyone go there. I speak from experience having invested part of my life in a relationship with a married man. I am not writing about this subject to lecture or be judgmental or even to speak from my soapbox about what I know that you don’t. My intention is to expose the underhanded tactics, even if unintentional, of men and the naiveté of women that permit these relationships to flower.

What is it about women that make them susceptible to the charm and attraction of an unavailable man? The unavailable man is very attractive to women who do not want to be controlled by a man. He can provide sporadic attention, sex,  (usually at regular intervals) advice even when you don’t ask for it and gifts. You don’t have to live with him which means no snoring, picking up after him, and usually the freedom to come and go as you please. The disadvantages include limited spontaneity, lack of availability on weekends and holidays and never being his number one priority. Adultery: The Secret Behind Why Men Cheat

This is not to say that men do not fall for married women. I am certain that the statistics will support that almost as many single men fall for married women but the dynamic between them is much different than that of the single woman and the married man. Obviously, I have more experience with the married man syndrome, resulting in this article. 5 Married Women On Why They Fell In Love

Women in general are used to getting seconds. What I mean by that is that women choose to settle for less than what they want. Okay, I expect outrage from most of you who are reading this but hear me out, please. In this country, men have the power. Look around you, how many women presidents do we have? How many women are in the Senate, Congress or CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies? How many women make as much money as men do?

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