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About Susan Shearer Young

Susan Shearer Young is a recognized Life Coach who focuses upon helping her clients to transform their lives by changing their “Inner Game,” that is, shifting their mindsets. Generally, when our desires have eluded us, when we feel stuck where we are, the path forward involves examining our thoughts, beliefs, expectations and intentions to determine why we are where we find ourselves now.  Susan understands that we can go anywhere from where we are and she inspires her clients to believe in their own possibilities.  When we unearth the patterns that have inadvertently caused us to block our desires from coming into our lives, things begin to change, and often change very quickly. It helps to have a partner, constant support, and someone with a more aerial view, to help to create the positive momentum that will allow our fondest dreams to manifest.

Susan is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Law School.  She formerly practiced corporate law before discovering her passion to help others to understand how they can take control over their circumstances by changing the way they are thinking.  Realizing that we are creating our lives by the thoughts we think was life-changing for Susan and she has made it her mission to help others to understand how to use their energy to allow the well-being that is natural for them.

Susan is the author of How to Allow—Working with the Law of Attraction to Allow Your Natural Well-Being.  How to Allow has been recognized as Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2012 and was also chosen as a nominee for Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2015.  How to Allow has also been featured as a highly recommended book by Law of Attraction Magazine in 2015.  Susan also publishes articles on the Art of Allowing at www.howtoallow.net, and provides individual coaching at www.howtoallow.net/coaching.  Susan has appeared on Blog Talk Radio and Law of Attraction Radio on the subject of working with the Law of Attraction to create your best life.  She has been recommended as a top Law of Attraction Coach by Law of Attraction Magazine.

Coaching with Susan Shearer Young--Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Just an FYI.. I feel like I have gotten more out of the two phone calls we have had so far than any of the coaches I have worked with in past. You are awesome Susan. :)  ~DJ, Dumont, NJ

It’s so comforting to me that we’ll be talking in a few weeks. If I think back to the space I was in when I found you, how I found you, and how (seemingly) random my selection was of you off that list of coaches, I have to smile at how perfect it all turned out. You really are a blessing Susan. Omg, what if you’re an angel or just a figment of my imagination?! Oh, wait, never mind. I’ve seen your FB posts. If you’re real to other people then you’re probably bona fide.~ DA, New York, New York

Susan, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you, that you saved me. Things are completely different than when I started. I was going in the wrong direction and now things are completely different. I’m so much happier. It’s really an honor to work with you.~ RB, Asheville, NC

Susan, I just wanted to tell you that you’re right, I owe you a million dollars! This works. It really works. [Omitted} is happening again this weekend and I am totally okay. You know why? Because I KNOW it will work out. I know it. I have moments of doubting it but then I shift back into KNOWING it and it WORKS. Haha, all that talk about just finding a better thought is true! I was just looking for a better thought in the wrong direction! I MEAN WHY DO I EVER DOUBT THIS LOA STUFF?!? I’ve been feeling moments of doubt today but DAMN. Wheeeee!!!! IT WORKS FOR MONEY IT WORKS FOR RELATIONSHIPS TOO. You don’t have to answer this but I wanted to say thank you, I already love you.~ AC, Atlanta, Georgia

I’m so proud of myself. A few days after my heart got epically broken (the latest time anyway), I - started a new job and rock at it - had a new article published - wrote a new chapter in my book - have been turning my vibe around thanks to my awesome coach @susanhowtoallow ~ HL, NY

Thanks for all of your help. You have been integral to all of the changes I have been through in this last year. I write about my appreciation for having you in my life when I use the Daily Tool. Thank you, a million times, over. You are saving my life.~ MK, New York, NY

I can’t wait to tell u howwwwww amazing last week’s tools worked. 180 degree shift in my life. And, the shift happened in one day after making my list! I never imagined how appreciating and loving myself would change everything. Focusing on loving myself brought me the relationship of my dreams. I’ve never been in a relationship before where I felt so safe and appreciated. Susan you’re a genius! In the last week, four different people, friends, a coworker and a family member told me that something about me was different, that I had a “different light about me.” My mother said that she has never seen me so happy, that I finally appreciate myself and that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Susan, you’re on fire.~ AL, Chicago, Illinois

What Readers Have Said About "How to Allow"

One of the best books on the subject of the Law of Attraction
“I am using this book in a class that I am teaching, it is one of the best books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. A must read.~Loretta Brooks, Centers for Spiritual Living, New York City.

So grateful to you for writing this incredible book. HUGE thank you!

I just can’t let another day go by without telling you how excited I am about How to Allow! I dedicated last weekend to diving into the material, taking notes as I read, and really enjoying the process. The most profound thing that has happened so far is simply a huge shift in my mood. Phone conversations I was avoiding turned out to be effortless, parking spaces are appearing, I am sleeping better and just having more fun. Today is only my 3rd day of using the daily tools so…I can’t wait to see what happens in a week! I’ll keep you posted! So grateful to you for writing this incredible book. HUGE thank you!”

Simple and HIGHLY effective! A MUST have!

“I cannot say enough great things about “How to Allow”. I purchased this book about a year ago and have been floored at times with how much my life has improved since. Susan created an easy to use system that takes the guesswork out of deliberate creation. I started researching the law of attraction a few years ago and although I believed it worked, my results were somewhat inconsistent and spotty. Thankfully, “How to Allow” filled in the missing pieces and has taught me the skills I was lacking for effective creation. Her book is THE manual you need to really put the law of attraction into action. It’s simple and easy to understand and most importantly- it works! I’m forever grateful for this well written, insightful and life altering book!” ~WH, NC

“Warning! Susan’s book has serious side effects! I have been consistently doing the “2 daily tools” for 2 weeks and weird things are happening!!! If you don’t want more money, health & wellness, better relationships, peace of mind, happiness, and adventure in your life then don’t buy it-haha…just saying, it’s amaaazing! Thanks Susan! You ROCK!”~BD,  CA

I bought this book about two months ago and it is life changing. I am practicing the simple easy to follow lessons on how to activate the Law of Attraction that she has in this book, every day. Love, love, love this book.~ RM, San Diego, CA

One of the best, most compelling, useful books I have ever read. Susan Shearer Young is awesome in her presentation. A practical guide that should be must reading for everyone who wants to take control of their own destiny.~LM,   Baja, Mexico

I just wanted to say a very sincere thank you to you. I purchased your e-book and the corresponding audio and find that you really have something fresh and unique to offer. I love the journaling with the prompts that you gave and feel a real change. I was suffering from consuming book after book on this topic and other similar topics… but I was never doing anything concrete to put ideas into action. You have given me an amazing rest from the constant reading. Now I feel I am doing. Thanks again, and I hope many good things come your way.~EW

Just after finishing How to Allow, I had a recent open house (I’m a Realtor) with 40 people, which is nothing short of amazing, tons of showings on a new listing in a buyer’s market, movement with an elderly client who’s reluctant to move but needs to, and . . . best of all, a telephone call from someone I care about deeply for the first time in 30 years!!! My goal is to focus on what I want, remember that it’s ok to be selfish and expect the best, and let the Universe work out the timing and details.~NF

I just devoured How to Allow in one day, and I believe your book is one of the best bar none. You made the concepts easy to understand and implement. I really enjoy using the Daily Tune-up because it helps me raise my vibration easily. What a concept: make feeling good your main objective and the rest will take care of itself.~KY

I bought your e-book How to Allow and it’s simply amazing. It just was extremely soothing and gives a new trust and faith that well-being is coming. I probably bought it more than a month back but I keep going back to it and it’s great to keep reading. There are a lot of small things that I keep attracting and other signs that keep nudging me, giving me the intuition that the path I am following to keep going towards better feeling thoughts, etc. is the right one.  Thanks for everything!~CL

This book is AWESOME, by the way—really, really good! And,  FYI,   I read a lot of LOA   books.~BL

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