If Life Isn't Going According To Plan, Here's How To Stay Happy While Trusting The Process

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How To Be Happy By Learning To Trust The Process When Life Doesn’t Go According To Plan

When your life plan takes a detour, you can still learn how to be happy because the Universe knows exactly where it's taking you.

We’ve all had the experience of wanting something to happen in a particular way, and it either doesn’t happen or doesn’t happen in the way we intended. Maybe it doesn’t even feel close to what we intended but life just went that way.

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It’s a pattern we’ve all experienced. We’re not talking disasters here, but just instances where things just didn’t go according to plan. And, we may even doubt that the plan is ever going to materialize.

When that happens, we need to reconsider how the Law of Attraction and our energy may fit into the picture so we can find the happiness in life that we want.

We know how the Law of Attraction works — our state of mind, the visions in our head, and the actions we take create our reality. Although, this knowledge can operate against us when it leads us to dwell on where we went wrong when things seem to go differently than we intended.

Let’s not let that knowledge of how we create our own reality be dangerous when we think we’ve made a mistake in its creation. It only causes us to lower our vibration and diminish our power!

How about considering an entirely different possibility and approach when our circumstances are a bit different than we intended and planned?

We can jump right past the part where we question ourselves and wonder what we are doing wrong. Or we can step right into the mindset of considering how the situation actually serves us better than we intended.

This approach isn’t about being in denial or deluding ourselves into the belief that this situation actually might be better than we had originally imagined. There’s a very good reason for this solid approach.

The Universe or Infinite Intelligence has the same energy that creates worlds and every amazing aspect of nature, has a lot more information about what we really want than we do.  

The Universe has always been responding to our requests, every minor detail. It has our entire history and the myriad circumstances that we have created throughout our lifetimes at its disposal. 

The Universe knows things!

If you’ve had this experience of things turning out differently than you intended often enough, you have undoubtedly also found yourself often getting more out of the unwanted or unexpected circumstances than you would have had if things had gone according to plan.

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Have you ever been rejected by "the guy" or "the girl" but then found yourself in a relationship that was so much better than that would have been?  Did you ever not get the person you want but realized that you avoided a disaster of huge proportions?  

Did you lose your job unexpectedly and then get the job that you had dreamed about, which is so much better? Did you miss getting the apartment you were trying for, only to find that your dream apartment showed up and was so much better? 

Did an important deal fall through and actually caused you to find a much better deal?  

This is a very short list, but all of these things have happened for me, for clients, for friends. This stuff happens all the time.

And, more than often, you find yourself happier than you initially thought you would be.

I can personally name dozens and dozens of things that were initially, "Ugh! WTH?! Nooooo..." that turned out to have a silver lining, a much better outcome than I had envisioned.  

The misstep, as I initially perceived it, allowed for the better outcome. And, things happened more easily and more quickly than I had expected with my original plan.  

Things flowed in a way they would not have flowed without the change of direction.

The more quickly we can move into the expanded view of "How does this serve me?", the more quickly we move into that zone where the Universe has co-created for us something that we could not have imagined from our less aerial perspective.  

This approach has serious benefits:

  • Looking for the advantage in the inconvenience feels so much better than wallowing in "Where did I go wrong?"
  • We are now accessing energy that is much more powerful than what we were able to conjure up before lining up with the Universe.
  • The more often we engage this approach, the Universe will feel our appreciation for its assistance and supply us with more and more surprising outcomes that exceed what we had imagined.

This approach is a win-win — as in win-win-win and win again. Thinking "Where did I go wrong?" can begin to feel, well, just ridiculous.

Right now, consider something in your life that is happening in a way that appears to be less than what you wanted and intended. Things might be happening slowly, there may be roadblocks, unexpected glitches.  

It might feel, on the surface, that there is no momentum toward what you intended.

Open yourself up to the possibility that you’re getting some help from the Universe in creating something that’s a bit more fitting for you, that’s maybe even awesome!

When you open yourself up to this possibility you engage even more assistance and support.

Be open to surprises and things that are better than imagined. That’s where the magic happens.  

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Susan Shearer Young is a recognized Life Coach who focuses upon helping her clients to transform their lives by changing their “Inner Game,” that is, shifting their mindsets. You can reach her by email or on her website.

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