How To Channel Your Inner Lilly Singh And Become The “Bawse” Of Your Life

Become the 'Bawse' of your life.

How To Overcome Fear & Negative Emotions, And Change Your Life To Be A Bawse Like Lilly Singh Unsplash 

If you want to change your life, and really take control of your future, you'll need to learn how to overcome fear and negative emotions. 

You are already the creator of your reality, all of it, everything. There are no accidents. And, the sooner you begin to act like an owner, the sooner you’ll get the results you desire.

When you act like the owner of your life you can use all of your creations, even the situations that you are pretty much wishing that you hadn’t created. And, this is how you become the 'bawse' of your reality.


Thanks to Lilly Singh, the YouTube star, for coining the term "Bawse," which is such a perfect word to describe taking control of your life.

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of 'Bawse' is: "A human being who exudes confidence, turns heads, reaches goals, finds inner strength, gets hurt efficiently and smiles genuinely."

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You can begin to use all of your creations when you understand that you carry a Wild Card in your pocket that will allow you to create that reversal of fortune that Wild Cards are known for. You always have this Wild Card at your disposal and it’s reusable. In fact, it becomes more powerful the more it’s used!

So, this is what you’re going to want to do when you find yourself with a situation and the accompanying emotion that does not feel good.

Imagine a card with the words Wild Card on one side. That should feel good!  Hey, you’ve got a Wild Card! On the other side, there is a question that you must answer: How does this situation serve me exactly the way it is?  

You need to answer the question on the back of your Wild Card by not denying the negative emotion but by fully feeling it and asking what it demonstrates about how much you believe you create your own reality.


You own the reality, you created the negative situation and the negative emotion for a reason.  If you deny it, then you don’t believe that you own it and you’re not behaving like an owner. And you’re not becoming a Bawse.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are feeling fear about a particular situation. The emotion of fear is believing that a reality that you do not prefer is most likely. This is not the perspective of an owner. In fact, it demonstrates that, at this moment, you don't believe you have the power to change the fear-inducing situation.

That emotion of fear is suggesting a Limiting Belief that you have about yourself and what is possible for you.

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The feeling of fear is demonstrating that, at least in this situation, you don’t trust that the Universe is working on your behalf or you don’t trust yourself to create a decent vibration on the subject a fair amount of the time. It might indicate a bit of both.

If you instead had the belief that you create your own reality, all of it, that nothing is happening “to you” and that you could change your perspective from fearful to optimistic, you would not feel that fear.

And, that is fully within your power. And, it’s so much less scary than denying your fear and just allowing the thing that you fear to manifest in your life.

When you fully feel that negative emotion, on purpose, you’re not creating more negative fear-invoking situations.  You’re deliberately using it as an opportunity to be honest with yourself about what limiting beliefs must have created that situation. 


You take your power back when you use that moment to examine your beliefs and decide to change the ones that are limiting you in that situation and probably others.

Maybe it’s uncomfortable for a minute.  But, the upside is so worth it.  The next time that “fear” or another negative emotion arises, it’s not going to knock you down in the same way.  You’ve taken much of the sting out of it and you’ve taken your power back. You've taken ownership over your creations.

That Wild Card can be used in any situation. Whenever you feel there is something in your life that does not belong, saying that it doesn’t belong does not allow you access toward using it to be of service to you. But when you ask “How does this serve me exactly the way it is?" you are using your creations to your fullest ability.


When you begin to use your Wild Card, often, you become a 'Bawse', someone who exudes confidence, inner strength and lives life knowing that they are the creator of their reality. You fully own your power and life becomes less scary and much more fun.

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