How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Your Best Life Possible

It's time to stop preparing for the worst.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Live Your Best Life To The Fullest by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels

Expecting the best but preparing for the worst?

If so, it’s possible that you’re sending out mixed signals to the universe when it comes to your desires. You may want to reconsider your strategy and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create your reality so you can finally start living your best life.

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I’m certain that I’m not the only one who was taught by well-intentioned others to “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.” I’ve heard this “sage” advice from trusted friends, family members, accountants, and lawyers. It’s been offered by people I really respect, but they’re not necessarily aware of the vibrational connotations of this advice.

If you’re Law-of-Attraction-savvy, you have learned that it’s your thoughts that create your reality. The visions and thoughts in your minds are responsible for your circumstances. This is how you "own" your reality.

But, what is also true is that the "action" component is significant.


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in visualizing and developing clarity about our intentions and then not pay close attention to the actions you're taking and how they line up with those intentions.

In your well-intended-but-cautious preparation for the worst (you know, just in case), you're contradicting that clarity. Reparation for “just in case this goes south” can override all of that effort to imagine your preferred reality. This approach is the same as saying that you truly believe that you're likely to create the worst outcome.

It’s a habit that needs to be broken.

So, this is what you are going to want to begin doing starting now. And, it will get easier each time you do it.


1. Decide what you want to occur.

2. Notice whether you are anticipating the best or the worst possible outcome for your situation.

3. Please tell me that you decided that you are expecting the best from what is available to you at the moment!

4. Now, pay attention to the actions you find yourself taking in preparation. If you're taking defensive actions, just in case, stop and ask yourself what you must really believe to be taking those actions? I can answer that question for you.

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If you're committed to creating the most positive outcome from your given situation, then you need to use your imagination to come up with different actions that would demonstrate that you actually believe in that best possible outcome.

I know, it might feel a little scary. But I’m going to suggest that preparing, just in case, for the worst outcome is actually what might be scary. Because in doing that you are making it much more likely that the worst is what will transpire.

This is what you will want to do instead.

You will want to ask yourself what a person who truly believes in the positive outcome would do? Use your imagination fully; let loose. You have everything within you to provide your own personally designed perfect answer.


Just to make this even a little easier, realize that you've already been using this process all the time. You’re just often using your imagination to envision actions that will have you prepared for the worst.

You’ve already got this down; you own this ability. So you’re taking something you already have in your toolkit and instead, using it to align your actions with your true desires.

It might take a little more effort at first to replace that old habit of choosing actions that contradict your desire, just to be safe. But you will find that as you begin using your imagination to choose actions that prepare you for the positive alternative, and you see the amazing results, you will move into doing this automatically!

You can begin not only to expect the best but to prepare for the best. You have everything within you that you need to transform yourself and your life.


And, it will quickly become your automatic response just because you say so and because you're tired of settling for less than who you want to be. Insist on your most desired outcome rather than the mixed bag that you have been creating.

There’s no good reason to settle any longer.

You deserve to have a life you love.

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Susan Shearer Young is a recognized life coach who focuses upon helping her clients to transform their lives by changing their “inner game,” that is, shifting their mindsets. You can reach her by email or on her website.