There's Hope After Your divorce, Just ask An Expert!

Hold on! There's hope

This unique program might spare you months of floundering and angst post-divorce.

When Jeannine Lee completed her divorce process several years back (after being married for 30 years!), she felt a sense of accomplishment. She had just come through one of the toughest transitions of her life. She was still in one piece and she got to see what she was made of. It was truly a confidence-building, life-altering experience. Nothing she wanted to repeat, mind you, but one she could look back on and say, "If I could get through that, I can get through anything!"

But what happened next surprised her: Jeannine found herself unable to easily find a "new normal." This middle-aged mother (and grandmother), had no idea how to live from her new role as a single person. Her questions ranged from, "How do I deal with money?" "How do I date?" "How do I make new friends?" "How do I identify myself in the world?"

Jeannine floundered for a couple of years but eventually found her way. 

Today, she is well-established in the next chapter of her life and she has actually made it her life's work to help others get on the other side of their divorce as well. She's even written a book entitled, Beyond Divorce, Stop the pain, rekindle your happiness, and put purpose back in your life!

Now, Jeannine is moving into web-based services in order to give back and help people post-divorce find a life they love. She's put together 21 experts in the divorce arena and, starting on May 16, she'll be airing interviews ranging from how to co-parent, how to keep a positive attitude, and how to have creative relationships going forward.

The best part is that it's Free!

If you can relate to the following traits, you won't want to miss this telesummit:

1. You feel stuck in your post divorce grief;

2. You don't fit in with old friends but haven't found new friends yet;

3. You are at a loss as to where you fit in at work, socially or in the neighborhood;

4. You're struggling with a particular aspect of life post-divorcemoney, dating, co-parenting, getting creative in new relationships.

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