Get over your break up: Keeping contact with your ex's friends


How do you decide whether or not to stay in contact with mutual friends after a break up?

It’s not easy to get over a break up if there are constant reminders of your Ex plaguing you all the time. Keeping in touch with mutual friends could be that constant reminder. But before you throw that idea out the window, find out if it will actually be good for you on your newly found path to finding a soulmate.

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Get Over a Break Up Properly

By this, it means that you don’t need to pile guilt on yourself for the broken relationship. This was a two-way street and your Ex bears half of all the responsibility and fault. So, when you’re on a journey of finding a soulmate after your break-up and you’re wondering if it would be a good idea to keep sharing friends, think about these things:

Are these Friends Giving you Good Energy

If your Ex’s friends are good company and don’t remind you of him (or her) constantly, then it may be a good idea to continue the relationship. Finding a soulmate after a break up doesn’t mean that you need to discard everything from the relationship – some things are good, so keep them.

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