Whoa! 4 Bad*ss, Real-Life Adventures The Dreamer In You Will LOVE

Drew Barrymore flowers

Are you craving a little adventure? Dreaming of being like you're the superhero you love? Well, newsflash: it's time to stop dreaming and start DOING.

Here are four common dreams and how to make them a reality:

1. Charlie's Angels-style bad*ss spy. 
If you want to be this super hero or spy, why not enroll in spy school? Enter: Stiletto Spy School, where you can learn to mix drinks, throw knives, poker lessons, and—yes!—tango. (Guys even have an option: MI 6 Academy.) 

If you’re looking to up the anty even more, there's always STUNT school. Hollywood Stunts NYC, is the best place to learn everything you need to know to be a real-life action hero—fighting, high falls, dodging bullets and punches.

2. Magical, mystical, mysterious.
To add actual magic into your life (a few notches beyond Disney and Universal Studios), try Watson’s Adventures, where you can be like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, or act like Nicholas Cage in National Treasure. They have many locations nation-wide and can even make a scavenger hunt exclusively for an event.

3. All hail Queen Me.
You CAN dine and sleep like royalty. In a castle. Castle hotels are all the rage around the world. From the not-so-expensive Excalibur in Las Vegas to castles throughout Europe. Wouldn’t it be lovely to say you had tea at a CASTLE over the weekend?

3. Saving the damsels (or dudes) in distress.
Fullfill this fantasy anywhere by joining The American Red Cross. Whether you're helping the armed forces, local policemen or firemen, wearing that red jacket or vest makes you feel incredibly powerful. Plus, you have the respect of hospital workers and rescuers anywhere you go.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and you can give your time as it fits into your shedule.

4. Crime solver like a Federal Agent.
If you are addicted to crime shows, mystery books, and action movies, then you'll LOVE this adventure: someone will "die" and someone conspired to kill the victim. The game is it's up to you (or your team) to figure out who did it and their motive. 

These Murder Mystery adventures are held in restaurants, yachts, on a stage, or—if you are creative and do your research—you can host one in your own home.

My advice to you all is to never ever stop being creative and having fun. There are so many adventures to try, and while some take place near my home in New York City, adventure companies are everywhere. Taking on a new adventure will change your life and create an irresistable aura of happiness around you.