3 Behaviors That Drive Men Crazy (And Not In A Good Way)


Women and men behavior very differently and have different ways of communicating and interacting.

While this is all part of the way that couple interaction occurs, there are some behaviors that women use more frequently than others. Unfortunately in relationships these behaviors are often the most problematic since they tend to grate on men.

If you find that you are constantly having difficulties with men or if relationships always seem to breakdown over time, you can make small changes in your interactions that may help prevent this issue. The good news is that these behaviors are not major and they are typical just bad habits in communication and interaction that have developed over time.

The three most problematic behaviors that women in relationships use that really irritate men are found below. In addition there is a tip on one quick way to change that behavior to something that will be more productive for you and healthier for your relationship.

1. Clingy – the clingy partner may be OK in some situations but over time it is an emotional drain. Being clingy may be seen by a woman as a sign of affection and trust, but for guys it is a definite turn off. Instead schedule at least one time every week where you do something on your own. This independence is refreshing and will help you be more self-confident as well.

2. Possessive – it is fine to want to be protective of your man but being possessive is not at all attractive or sexy. It screams at the guy that you don’t trust him and you think he will give in to another woman's charms. When you find yourself becoming possessive stop and imagine the roles are reversed. This will help you see that he has options and it is not his issue that another woman is attracted to him.

3. Insecurity – constantly asking your man if you look good, if he loves you or if the relationship is healthy is going to drive a man crazy. Guys don't talk about things that are going smoothly since they don't see a problem and no need to try to find a fix. Instead of constantly asking look for signs that he is still in love with you. Those should be obvious and speak much louder than words.

Watching for signs that you are using these behaviors is simple. Once you determine if you are guilty of these "turn offs" for a guy in a relationship just make a simple change to get back on a positive track.


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