3 Rules ALL Masters Of Foreplay Use That Make Her Beg For More

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The power of anticipation — ahh, I heart it so hard! It’s the holy grail of “how to foreplay” for men who want to make their woman wet like the Niagra falls.

It almost seems cruel to guys who don’t understand how it works, but the truth is — women love anticipation.

Women need it. Their arousal thrives on it. 

Simply put, building anticipation is the act of playfully (and skillfully) denying your woman pleasure while increasing her desire for it.

We all want what we can’t have. It’s human nature.

Hack this part of her sexual psychology and watch your woman transform into a sex crazed kitten who begs you for more.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a ton more time on foreplay, like some “experts” suggest. In fact, when you mix these anticipation building techniques into the foreplay you’re already using, you’ll notice your girl gets aroused A LOT faster!

Just know that it will require some self control on your part, so it’s not for weak-minded men or lazy lovers.

Let’s get to it.

There are the 3 ways to create incredible sexual anticipation for your woman:

1. Give her pleasure ... but not enough.

If you know anything about women then you know they’re all different. What gets one woman off can annoy another and make her orgasm seem like it’s light-years away.

Once you’ve found something your girl really likes, the typical guy immediately gives her more. But, since you’re a stud who uses the power of anticipation and makes women crave you, you go with the wiser choice of giving her less… for now.

Here’s what a give and take scenario might look like: When she’s really digging your oral or fingering technique, slow it down a bit or use a little less pressure. Now stop and tell her she isn’t ready for it yet. Then, move onto what you were doing right before you started using your technique. 

Again, we all want what we can’t have and taking away her pleasure is like pouring gasoline on her campfire of desire.

You’ve given her a taste of how great it’s going to feel and she knows it’s coming … but you’re so seductive that you’re not letting her have it just yet!

2. Create physical barriers.

A barrier is anything that gets in the way of our ability to satiate our cravings. By introducing barriers and getting her to focus on their presence, you can make a woman lose all control and jump your bones. One of my favorite ways to do this is before going down on a woman:

Get her completely naked, but leave her panties on and instead of trying to take them off as soon as possible (like most guys do), spend some time teasing her THROUGH the fabric. Use your fingers to give her a vulva massage THROUGH her panties.

Lick her THROUGH the material. Do this until she’s breathing heavy and grinding herself against your face.

She might start asking you to rip her panties off. Don’t do it.

If she tries to sneak them off herself, don’t let her. Grab her wrists, pin them down by her sides and tell her not to try it again. 

Keep licking her through the material and create a wet spot of saliva on the fabric. Make sure the area that’s touching her clit is wet. Now pull your head back a few inches and lightly exhale some warm air on that wet spot. You’ve now turned her panties into a barrier that she needs to remove in order to get more pleasure. 

Use this trick the next time you undress your girl and you’ll bring her to the brink or orgasm before you’re tongue ever touches her directly.

3. Tease the heck out of her!

Most guys give no thought at all to how they transition into penetration. They just dive in the first chance they get. Then, they immediately start pounding away as hard and as fast as they can because they obviously think they’re an industrial jackhammer. 

Truly skilled lovers set themselves apart from average guys by making women CRAVE the next move. These men build her desire for his tip before he lets her have it.

I’m going to assume you’ve already given her a foreplay orgasm and that she’s already wet, so, place your tip between her lips and slowly slide it up and down. Don’t enter her. Just press yourself against her opening a little and slide your tip up and down. She’ll start anticipating your entrance and you get your tip nice and wet for the next step.

Now rub your tip against her clit. You can do this until she comes again, or just tease her until she’s begging you for it.

Once she’s convinced you that she is deserving of your entrance … do NOT rush in. SLOWLY give her only your tip … then pull out. Do this again 9 times and on the tenth, SLOWLY go balls deep. You’ll feel MASSIVE to her!

Now go back to entering just your tip but this time do it 8 times. On the last 2, give her slow, deep thrusts. Then give her 3 shallow and 7 deep thrusts.

Follow this pattern until you get to 1 shallow and 9 deep, then go back the other way. This kind of teasing is extremely powerful and might be enough to give her an explosive orgasm.

If she doesn’t come, don’t worry. She’ll be on the brink and it’ll take a lot less penetration to send her over the edge!

Now that you know how to foreplay your girl into an uncontrollable frenzy of desire very quickly, you need to make sure you can close the deal.

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