How To Make Her Have Multiple Orgasms In 3 Simple Steps

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how to have multiple orgasms

Multiple penetration orgasms.

It’s the holy grail of female orgasms and it’s what you’re going to master after reading this.

If you want to solidify your place as "the best she’s ever had", get excited! You’re about to learn exactly how to do it. Only a few men know how to pull this off. In fact, a lot of people think it’s not even possible. Not even many women know how to have multiple orgasms!

So if you want to blow her mind in a way she might not even think is possible, here's the simple 3-step formula on giving any woman, multiple penetration orgasms:

Step 1: Delay your orgasms and speed up hers. 

If you’ve ever come before your woman had a single orgasm, the idea of giving her multiples can seem impossible.

You need to last long enough to make your girl come again and again. Imagine your arousal on a scale from 1 to 10.

One is not aroused at all and 10 is an orgasm. A 9 is your final warning, and if you don’t stop right now, you’re going to a 10. To truly enjoy sex without worrying about blowing it too quickly, stick to a 7 or 8.

Now think about what happens when you first enter your girl. Before that moment, you’re rock hard. You’re already at a 7 or 8. Now, what happens when you make your first entrance? She feels so warm and delicious around you that it instantly increases your arousal.

When you enter inside of her, your arousal goes from 7 or 8 to an 8 or 9. If you start thrusting right away, your arousal is only going to increase and before long...

"That’s all," she wrote.

The way to last as long as you want is to get used to the new sensation before you start thrusting. When you first slide into her, only let her feel the tip of your penis. Pause for a second and pay attention to how it feels to be inside her. Then pull out.

Now do it again. Do this a few times to start getting used to the new sensation. When you pull out, take a minute to tease and please her outer bits. Rub your tip against her clit and between the crevices of her lips.

Press your tip against her opening without going in. Pull back a bit and ease the pressure before pushing against her again. Press your tip against her opening and rub it up and down between her lips without going in.

Now enter her again and only go in a tiny bit further than the last time. Pull back out and keep doing this until the sensation of being inside her feels like a 7 or 8.

This technique not only makes you last longer, it also teases her and skyrockets her arousal. She might start begging you for more or maybe she’ll grab your hips and try to pull you in deeper. Don’t let her. Flip the frame and tell her that she’s not ready yet.

It’s only going to build her desire and bring her that much closer to orgasm while pushing yours even further away!

When you are ready to go deeper, give her 1 deep thrust at a time and then several shallow thrusts. Give her 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep. Then 8 shallow thrusts and 2 deep. Do this until you’re at 1 shallow thrusts and 9 deep. Then turn around and go back the other way.

Mix it up. Try 1 deep thrust for every 1 shallow or 1 for every 3.

Keep her guessing and anticipating. Also, don’t limit yourself to using this method only at the beginning of your session. Any time that you feel like you’re creeping towards a 9, pull out and use this to tease her some more while you cool down.

Step 2: Use proven orgasm-inducing positions.

The most common sex positions are often the worst at making women come. Why? Because they don’t create any stimulation to her clit or g-spot.

Think about it. Picture yourself thrusting in and out of your woman right now. How much contact are you making with her clit? What about her g-spot? I'm guessing not much.

So use positions that force your member against her "orgasm zones". Here are 2 of my favorites:

Position 1: Magic Missionary

Place a pillow on your bed and have your girl lay on her back with her butt on top of it. The pillow is going to lift her butt and tilt her pelvis. Get on your knees in front of her and scoop both her legs up. Now, bend her legs and place her feet resting against your chest.

You can also place her legs over each of your shoulders, or for a tighter fit, place both her legs on the same shoulder. Want it tighter still? Cross both her legs over the same shoulder.

The real key is the pillow. The pillow tilts her pelvis so that when you thrust back and forth, you thrust straight into her g-spot.

Position 2: Doggy Deluxe

Once again, you’re going to need a pillow. (You see why women always have so many pillows on the bed?)

Place the pillow in the middle of your bed and have your girl lay pelvis down on top of it. Again, this is going to tilt her pelvis in the perfect angle you need to make her kitty purr.

Imagine she’s laying flat on her stomach and because of the pillow, her butt is sticking up. Now get on top of her as flat as possible while you hold yourself up with your arms and knees. The trick is to thrust straight down because that’s where her g-spot is, thanks to the angle created by the pillow.

Make this position even hotter by pinning her arms down and whispering some dirty talk into her ear.

Step 3: Make her come again. And again. And again. 

If you’re using one of the two positions above, it won’t take her very long to come.

Once she comes, her g-spot gets very sensitive.So sensitive in fact that any stimulation will be uncomfortable or even a little painful. So here’s the trick to making her come again during penetration.

Once you give her the first orgasm, stay inside of her! Don’t pull out. Don’t move your penis. Let her cool down a little. Kiss her. Breathe while looking into her eyes. Talk dirty to her. Tell her how sexy she looks when she comes.

Now, move your penis inside of her very slowly and then stop. Wait a few more seconds and then move inside of her slowly again for about 2 seconds. Then stop again.

Most important, make sure you pay attention to her reactions and increase accordingly. She might need a little more time before you start. You might need to wait longer between movements.

The trick is to gradually increase your movement.

Each "micro move" will lower her sensitivity a bit more. Before long, she’ll be able to handle full-on orgasm. Give her penetration again. If you pull out once she comes, you'll need to let her fully "come down" before entering her again.

By staying inside of her, you can bring her sensitivity back down to a level where her kitty is ready to keep on purring.

Bonus Tip: Always make her come first.

Always give your woman foreplay orgasms before sex.


The more you make her come before sex, the easier it is to make her come during sex and the less time it takes!

Nick Hardwick is a Montreal-based sex coach, who believes euphoric sex is your birthright.  If you're ready to be the best she's ever had, watch Nick's video The 67 Ways To Make Her Come First. If you're a woman and want to make your man melt, watch Nick's Blow His Mind Video.