What Is A Cervical Orgasm And How Do You Achieve It?

Have you ever had a cervical orgasm or know what it is? Find out how to achieve one with this trick.

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Sexual intercourse and orgasm are two beautiful things that all women should enjoy these days. Commonly referred to as the full body orgasm, the cervical orgasm represents the ultimate pleasure, the supreme form of satisfaction and excitement that a woman can have after a long, intense sex session. Unfortunately, the full body orgasm is not as popular as the two other more common types of orgasm—as a matter of fact, it is so rare that most of the women do not even know it exists, letting alone achieving it!



A Brief Overview Of The Full Body Orgasm

Just as the name itself suggests, the cervical orgasm targets the cervix, which is basically the deep center of the woman’s vagina. The cervical orgasm cannot be achieved easily, as it involves a lot of training and relaxation—however, once you have managed to achieve your first full body orgasm, you can honestly say that you have redefined pleasure and you have taken sex to a while new level. There are several notable differences between the full body orgasm and the other types of orgasm, as this one is the most intense one—it is the "textbook definition" of a true and intense climax, if you may, and in some ways it is very similar to the male orgasm.


Simply put, the cervical or the full body orgasm is the most intense feeling of pleasure you may get. While most of the women experience an intense orgasm during sex and they are usually satisfied with it, they are never truly satisfied until they reach the full body orgasm. The reason why it is referred to as the full body orgasm is because this intense form of pleasure does not target the clitoral area exclusively (as it usually happens), but it targets your entire body. You will feel pleasure in every single inch of your body, as you will start to shiver with excitement and satisfaction.


Women were asked to describe how they feel when achieving a cervical orgasm often found it difficult to give an accurate definition of the sensation, but most of them agreed upon the fact that this full body orgasm sometimes feels like vibrations in the entire body, while other times it can be compared to extremely pleasurable tingling from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes.


However, it must be mentioned that the full body orgasm is not all about the cervix or about the pleasure. Not only are the sensations radically different, but so are the targeted areas—as described above, the first two and most common types of orgasm that females typically reach are the g-spot and the clitoral orgasm, while the cervical orgasm is the "queen" of all orgasms, this is the tip of the iceberg.

Some professional sex therapists who have a holistic approach on sex and pleasure even claim that those who are able to achieve the cervical orgasm have just reached a new state of spiritual transcendence—this intense feeling of pleasure is unparalleled and it can generate very intense love feelings. The pleasure goes far beyond the physical satisfaction, and some people compare it to the feeling when you first fall in love and you feel the so popular "butterflies in the stomach" sensation—the cervical orgasm can sometimes be associated with that, in a way that it is a radically different sensation.

How Is The Full Body Orgasm Achieved?



The reason why so many women rarely experience a full body orgasm is simply because it is very difficult to achieve. As you may know already, this requires a deep vaginal penetration and it can be done either naturally with the penis of the partner or with a very long and specially designed dildo. In spite of being deep penetration, it is very intense and pleasurable and it is essential to make sure that you have chosen the right sexual position for it. It is important to choose a position that feels comfortable and safe, and that also allows a wide cervical opening at the same time.

That being said, the doggy style is the most recommended position for women who are trying to achieve a cervical orgasm, regardless if they are doing it with their partner or with a dildo. All women can achieve this outstanding type of orgasm, as long as they understand its mechanism of action!