6 Sexy, Man-Approved Seduction Tips That Will Make Him Lust HARD

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6 Ways To Make Him Crave Sex With You, According To Men

The tips and techniques you’re about to learn are the result of surveying tens of thousands of men who have finally opened up, and confessed the most pleasurable sex tricks and techniques any woman has ever ravished them with.

Here are the 6 ways to tease and please your man, and make him sexually obsessed with you. Let’s get started!

1. Let him know how much you crave him.

You can wow your man with the very best blow job technique, or try out the sexiest and most stimulating position ever discovered, but if he’s not convinced that you love having sex with him, he’s not satisfied!

On the other hand, when you make it obvious that sex with him is one of the most pleasurable experiences your body is physically capable of having, he feels like a god. So let him know how much you NEED his body!

Whisper into his ears (at completely random times) how much you can’t stop thinking about the last time you were together... how a specific move he tried made your entire body reverberate with so much pleasure that you can’t wait for him to do it again. 

If you’re out in public, tell him guy how badly you wish you could taste him right now. When you’re sure no one else is looking, rub his "manhood" through his pants and let him know how much you’re aching to feel him inside you.

If you’re on a road trip, take his hand and place it between your legs. Play with your nipples while he rubs you through your panties and work yourself up into a sexual frenzy that can only be quenched by pulling over and getting it on right now.

Make sure he knows how much you want and need him by teasing him often, and initiating sex at the (seemingly) most random times.

2. Let him look at you.

He likes looking… Duh! Men get turned on by visuals. How often do you intentionally crank up his arousal by giving him something extra spicy to feast his eyes on?

It might seem counter intuitive, but sometimes leaving on an article of clothing, can actually enhance his visual arousal. Try leaving your bra on with your breasts hanging out. Keep your panties on and move them over to the side.

Lift up your skirt or dress and leave it wrapped around your tummy. When you’re on top of him, rub your clit to orgasm, mesmerizing him with a live show that’s sure to play on repeat in his mind for weeks to come.

3. Don't be afraid to be a little dirty.

I think it was Ludacris who said "I want a lady in the street and a freak between the sheets"… or something like that.

While the media has associated extremely negative connotations to being "dirty”" what he really wants, is for you to be dirty with him.

He wants you to LOVE sex with him. He wants you to want to try new dirty things with him. He wants you to be downright filthy with him. He doesn’t even want to THINK of you with another man but he wants you to be HIS dirty girl. 

So again, make it obvious how much you LOVE sex with him and him alone. 

Send him a dirty text during the day just to remind him how incredible he made you feel the night before and how much you can’t wait for more! Grab on to his butt while he’s on top of you or while you’re on your knees worshipping his "manhood" and don’t let go.

This subtle little move lets him know that you don’t want him going anywhere and is an incredibly powerful unconscious turn on!

4. Boost his ego while getting more of what you like.

It’s no secret that most guys are completely clueless when it comes to reading your hints.

Obviously this can get frustrating. But if you call him out on it and tell a guy what he’s doing wrong in bed, it can seriously bruise his ego, his confidence, and ultimately, his performance in the future.

If he’s doing something that’s not working for you, instead of saying something like "I don’t like that" or "That’s not really doing it for me", try saying something positive like "Baby, remember when you did so and so… I came soo hard! Can you please do it again?"

Or something as simple as "Baby I love it when you do [blank]… that would get me soo hot right now!"

Doing this not only gives you more of what you want, but also sends his confidence through the roof, cause he’s now focusing on something that he knows gives you lots of pleasure!

When he does do something you really like, make sure you let him know! Either tell him or just get a little more expressive and louder than usual. He’ll notice the difference and will do whatever it takes to hear those incredibly arousing sounds again.

5. Tell him exactly HOW you want it.

If your guy isn’t taking you and giving you the rough, passionate sex you crave, you need to let him know.

Trust me, he wants this too. He might have been told that he should be "sweet and gentle", and he might have learned to suppress these raw emotions but one little taste will quickly remind him.

A simple way to draw out this masculine instinct hiding inside of him is to be overtly feminine and submissive. Try flashing him and then immediately walking away while you tell him to "come and get it if he really wants you".

Put on your innocent girl face and ask him in a submissive tone to "pretty please give it to you hard!" While you’re in the act, tell him if you want it harder, faster and more rough.

Tease his dominant masculinity and bring it out of him by expressing more of your feminine submissiveness.

6. Turn yourself on!

If your man is always ready to go way too early, try turning yourself on.

Touch yourself in addition that what he’s doing. Role-play or close your eyes (for a bit) and fantasize. Read an erotic novel or short dirty story while he’s in the other room and work yourself up to the point where you just need to jump him!

Start by yourself while he’s in the shower. If you find yourself nearing orgasm before he comes out, stop, then get him to pick it up again.

Do this over and over to "build up" the intensity of your climax and finally let yourself have it when he’s the one who brings you there.

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