4 Fun Sexcapades We DARE You To Try (If You're Brave Enough!)

Spice. Sh*t. Up.

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Going on sexcapades with your man every once in a while is important for keeping your relationship fresh and fun. Now, if you've read 50 Shades of Grey or the Crossfire series, you may think that in order to have a really great sexcapade, you need to do something super-wild and intense.

This really isn't the case at all. Going on a fun adventure and playing sex games can be easy, simple and still very exciting. Just try some of these sexcapade ideas.


1. Let the liquor flow to get the dirty talk started.

Without a doubt, the easiest way to have a fun sexcapade with your man is to hit a new bar where you don't know anyone and on a night where you don't have to work in the morning. This way, you'll be able to grab a drink or two or three with your man and not have to worry about being interrupted by friends and acquaintances.

Of course, just hitting the bar isn't going to be a crazy fun adventure on its own. To make it more fun, make sure to dress in something slinky and sexy, and get your man to do the same. And when you're there, don't just fall into the same old conversations about work, life stresses or the weather. Instead, try playing fun drinking games like "never have I ever" or "truth or dare."


You'll quickly find that these turn dirty after a few drinks. Then, once you're both feeling excited and ready to get hot and heavy, grab a cab home to finish off your sexcapade. The main thing here is to just make sure you don't get too drunk.

2. Have sex outdoors, because why not?

If alcohol isn't your thing, then there's another great sexcapade idea that doesn't involve a drop of booze. This time, you need to go out somewhere isolated and beautiful. Think of a place like a national park, secluded beach or deep in a forest. Just make sure to bring a rug and everything else you need to have a good time.

Once you're there, it's time to get down and dirty. Make sure what you're doing doesn't break any laws. You may find having your man go down on you while you stare out into the ocean, or simply having missionary sex while you look up into the starry night sky, to be incredibly hot and romantic.


Having sex outdoors in a beautiful place isn't exactly the craziest sexcapade ever, but it can still be incredibly liberating, exhilarating and fun.

3. Take a vacation to a secluded location.

There's something about being in a new place and not having to worry about work the next day. The same goes for not being surrounded by the same people, which makes going on holiday sexcapades a fertile ground to have real fun.

Another great part of holiday sexcapades is that you don't even have to worry too much about cleaning up after yourself. If you're on a beach, you can slip out one night for hot sex on the sand, or if you're on a ski trip you can keep it for your cabin.


4. Go for a sexy drive, complete with road head.

A really hot and naughty sexcapade that you can surprise your man with is going down on him while he's driving. Obviously this isn't a good idea if you're going to be breaking the law or if it increases the chances of him having an accident, but there's something so naughty, dirty and hot about it.

Plus, if it's really unexpected, then it's going to help put the spark back in your relationship.


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