4 Super-Charged Kissing Tips That Will Leave Him Begging For More

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Nothing feels better than passionately kissing a guy you care about and having him kiss you back with the same passion. However, if you use the same techniques when kissing him every single time, then it's eventually going to lose its spark, which is obviously something you never want to happen.

That's why I'm going to show you how to kiss a guy so things never get boring. And, most importantly, so that the spark never fades.

Before I go over each of these kissing tips, I want to clear up a few things:

  • Don't feel like you need to use every single one of these tips every single time you kiss your man. Instead, slowly introduce them one at a time and get used to using each one on him before trying the next one.
  • You don't need to learn them all. As you try out each technique for how to kiss a guy, you may discover that you like some and don't like others. That's perfectly fine. Don't feel like you "have to" or are "supposed to" use every kissing tip here. Think of this list as more like pick and mix, where you pick and choose the techniques that work best for you and discard the rest.
  • Feel free to adapt, change, and experiment with these tips.

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Now, let's learn some new kissing tips!

1. Use your hands.

Yes, kissing mostly involves your lips. But if you are not using your hands, then you are missing out on making it a whole lot more intense.

The standard way to kiss a guy is to just wrap your arms around his waist, while others decide to wrap their arms around his neck and shoulders. To make things a lot hotter, try putting your hands on your man's head and neck while kissing him. Don't just leave them there like a dead fish, though; run your fingers through his hair.

Use your hands to pull him in closer to you and to control how he is kissing you. If you want to be cheeky, you can also use them to push him away. Use your nails to lightly scratch your man's scalp while kissing him. If you've had this done to you, then you know just how good it feels!

2. Nibble on his lips.

Gently and lightly bite and nibble on your man's lips every so often while kissing him. You will find doing this to his bottom lip is much easier than doing it to his top lip.

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To nibble on his lip, just lightly take a bit of it between your teeth and very, very slowly pull backwards, letting it slowly get drawn out through your teeth. It's that simple. If you like, you should also try nibbling on your man's neck.

There's nothing more to it, except remembering that the idea behind this kissing tip is to provide pleasure, not pain. So make absolutely sure that you do not go overboard and accidentally hurt your man.

3. Suck and lick his ears.

It seems like few people know just how sensitive a man's ears are. And it's something that you really need to take advantage of. The obvious place to start is with his earlobe. Start by softly kissing, sucking, and licking it. If you can tell that he's enjoying it, then try nibbling on it.

This next technique is a little more "out there." With your tongue, start licking over and inside his ear. This may not sound like the hottest, most appealing thing ever, but it works incredibly well to turn him on.

Why? When you do this, it feels quite good, but it sounds better to your man. Your man will be able to hear everything that you're doing with your tongue.

4. Kiss him everywhere.

Kissing your man from the neck up will get boring for both of you pretty quickly. This is why you need to start exploring the rest of his body with your mouth and tongue.

Start by making your way from his shoulders down his back, slowly giving him lots of little pecks, kisses, and using your tongue to lick him. Try focusing on his back for at least five minutes. While doing this, try to listen to his breathing to see what areas he most enjoys having kissed.

When you are finishing up, then you can move on to something that's a little kinkier: his bum. Try giving him a sudden and quick but gentle nibble. A slightly hotter kissing tip is to work the other side of his body. Try kissing him from his neck, down his chest and stomach for a minutes, before going lower again. 

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