How To Swallow After Oral Sex: 6 Ways To Make It Easier

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how to swallow

If you have never tried it before, then you may be a little nervous at the idea of swallowing your man's cum.

Don't worry! this guide on how to swallow cum will help you get over that fear and swallow his cum like a champ! Thankfully there isn't actually that much to this oral sex act.

Just follow these 6 simple tips:

1. Talk to him.

Before getting to the "How to" part, it's crucial that you read this section. The most important thing in any relationship is to have great communication with your man. Ideally, you should be able to talk to him about practically anything without fear of embarrassment or rejection.

So before you go on this quest to learning how to swallow cum, it's important that you both talk about it first.

Does he really want to see you swallow his cum? Or do you want to do it for him, without him even asking for it? Is is a combination of both?

The key is to talk to your man about it before trying it. Perhaps you saw a girl swallowing a guys load in a movie you were watching and now think that you should do it for your man? Or maybe your man saw it in a movie and he wants to try it out with you?

Or it could be that your man enjoys dominance and submission play and would like to try it as a form of dominance over you?

Whatever the reason, it's important to discuss it with your man so that he knows how you feel about it and you know how he feels about it (this is something I talk about a lot on the Bad Girl's Bible).

2. Juice is your friend.


The hardest part about learning how to swallow cum is getting over the taste. Most find that cum is not very tasty. Thankfully, there is a very simple way to change the taste. You see the taste of your man's cum is strongly influenced by what he's been drinking or eating up to 12 hours before he cums.

So if he's just been eating a greasy pizza, then his cum is going to taste awful. The same is true if he's just had 5 hard boiled eggs!

If you want his cum to taste more palatable and even good, then all you need to do is get him to eat light and drink lots of juice in the 2-10 hours before you give him a blowjob. 

The easiest is to get him to eat lots of fruit or drink some fruit juice. You'll find that pineapple juice provides the best results.

But controlling what your man eats for 10 hours before you give him a blow job can be tricky. The best way to do this is to make him a light meal or give him lots of fruit juice before you both go to bed. Then when you both wake up in the morning, try giving him a blow job.

You'll notice that it's far easier to swallow his cum as it tastes a lot better than usual.

2. Ease yourself into it.

The next tip I want to give you to help you learn how to swallow cum with ease is to start by only swallowing a small amount. So the next time you give your man a blowjob or handjob, wait until he finishes. Next take just a small bit of cum and taste it.

You'll see that it's not as disgusting as you once thought. If you found that easy, then try tasting a bit more. Again, you'll notice that it's easy.

Each time you give him a blowjob or handjob, try progressively tasting larger and larger amounts. Eventually, you will be able to build up to tasting very large amounts of his cum to the point where you find swallowing it a lot easier.

3. Stay in control.

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One of the keys when learning how to swallow cum that makes everything far, far easier for you is to stay in control.

When I say stay in control, I don't mean becoming a dominatrix and 'controlling' your man. What I mean is that you need to be in a situation where you feel completely comfortable and are pretty much worry-free.

So maybe you feel most comfortable in your bedroom or perhaps on the sofa or even when you are a little tipsy.

This will make swallowing his load that first time way easier for you. When you are tense or stressed, then it's going to be tough for you to swallow it comfortably. But if you are relaxed, then everything becomes much easier.

4. Mask the taste.


The problem many women face when it comes to swallowing their man's load is that they don't enjoy the taste. The simplest way to get over the taste is to 'mask it' with something stronger.

By far the easiest thing to use to mask the taste of his semen is to rinse your mouth out with minty mouthwash right before you start giving him a blow job.

This has the added benefit of giving him a cooling sensation during the blowjob, which most guys love.

If you enjoyed my article on how to swallow your man's load and would like to learn my most advanced techniques and tips, then I strongly suggest you check out my site. It's called the Bad Girl's Bible. Click Here To Visit It Now.