3 Tips To Making Your Own Sex Video: A Playbook

Exclusive! 'Sex with Emily' star Emily Morse unleashes your inner Kim Kardashian.

sex tape

Making a sex video might seem like a good idea at the time. You want to document how awesome you and your partner are at having sex. Heck, you want to watch yourself have sex while you are having sex. (Photo Booth was made for amateur porn).

But before you hit record, freeze! Discuss with your partner how you plan to use the tape; if one of you wants to share it on Facebook with 300 of your closest friends, you might want to put your big film debut on hold. Even if you are totally in love with your partner and you think they'd never do anything to hurt you, a bad breakup can make the loveliest person go completely insane. The lesson here: if you both agree to delete the video after you watch it, you're good to go! Press record, have sex, watch, delete, and repeat.


Now that you've figured out the logistics, it's time to get creative and have some fun! Do you want to tell a story or do you just want a video of you going at it? What props or costumes do you want in your film? Your video might involve lots of preparation or no preparation at all. It's sexy to spontaneously suggest making a sex video with your partner. As long as you have a laptop with video capabilities, you're ready for action.

The three most important elements of a sex tape are:

  1. Lighting: Make sure you have enough lighting that you can see everything you want to see (breasts, butts, penis, etc.). Do some test shots before you get started. You can always bring lamps into the room to help build the ambiance. The better the lighting, the better the sex will look. Lighting can take your film from 40-Year-Old Virgin to Casanova instantly.
  2. Lingerie: Great films are all about building anticipation. Start out the video partially dressed and slowly (or quickly!) undress for the camera. Wear your cutest bra and panties. They don't even have to be fancy. Sometimes it's even hotter if you wear plain boy shorts and a simple bra. Knee high socks are also incredibly sexy.
  3. Letting Go: If you're self-conscious about your body and your facial expressions, it's going to show. The camera doesn't lie! Focus more on how your body feels during sex and less on what your body looks like. Trust me, your O-face is going to look better if you're not trying to fight it.

Get into the sex! You're going to be bored to death by your own sex tape if all he's doing is going in-and-out and all you're doing is laying there like a corpse. Switch up sex positions, moan when you feel good, and play with your partner's body. Light some massage candles for atmosphere and action. Drop warm luxurious massage oil on your partner and massage him all over. Then switch.


Throw in some dirty dialogue by describing what you're feeling or what you want your partner to do to you. Play with power dynamics of domination and submission with some light bondage, perhaps. (Bondage tape is so easy to use and no fuss for the camera). If you really get into the sex, this video is going to be hot... as long as it stays hidden.

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