3 Sexy Things To Do In Bed To Make Your Man Obsessed With You

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Make Your Man Addicted To You

Finding a great guy is tough. Keeping a great guy is even harder. If you want to keep him around, then learning how to make him addicted to you is crucial. Here are three things you can use during sex to make your man addicted to you.

1. Be incredible in bed.

By far the most important thing you can do to keep your man addicted to you is to make sure you're having incredible sex together. This doesn't mean that you need to spend 15 hours a day having sex, doing weird, difficult-to-perform sexual positions, or practicing hardcore BDSM. 

What I mean is that when you do have sex with your man, you need to make sure it's magical. You need to figure out what types of things your man likes. Maybe he adores regular missionary position, or perhaps he prefers a variation of doggy style. It could be talking dirty that really intensifies sex and makes it addicting for him, or maybe seeing you in some sexy lingerie puts him over the edge.

A particular obscure fetish, or even just getting oral sex could be your man's biggest wish. When you're the one that can give him everything he ever wanted in the bedroom, then you can be assured that your man will become addicted to you.

2. Ask yourself if he's excited to be around you. 

The next time you're hanging out with your man, ask yourself, "Is he excited to be around me?" This isn't something you should be worrying about every five minutes, but it's good to think about it every once in a while. If you can answer "yes" most of the time, your man is addicted to you.

But if you're answering "sort of" or "not really," you need to start thinking of what you can do to spice things up. Often in this situation, when you start to think that your man is losing attraction for you, you might feel like smothering him. Don't make this mistake. Instead, try something to spark that attraction back up like teasing and play fighting.

Remember when you were young, and would make fun of boys and tease them about things that didn't really matter? Well, the crazy thing is that it still works great for having fun and building attraction with your man.

It's also OK to disagree with your man. Have you ever been so crazy about a guy that you readily agreed with absolutely everything he said or asked? Don't disagree with him for the sake of disagreeing, but don't be afraid to let him know if you don't agree with something. He will respect and like you for it.

3. Learn how to give an amazing blow job.

Ask any guy on the street and they will tell you that good oral sex feels absolutely incredible and is quite addicting.

To get you started on giving good oral sex, all you need to do is simply slide his penis in and out of your mouth while making sure to avoid your teeth from accidentally grazing off it. Also make sure his penis is wet; this is crucial to make it more enjoyable for your man. Try using edible lube if you have trouble producing enough saliva.

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