Mmm, Pucker Up! 4 Types Of Kisses Men Love Most

Photo: weheartit

Even men love the romance of the kiss.

Ah, kissing! Who doesn't love to kiss? The feel of someone else's lips on your mouth, your neck, your ear...

A kiss can be dirty, interrogative, or chaste; it can be placed anywhere on your body; it can last for less than a second or several hundred seconds. Kissing is a universal act of love — almost everyone does it at some point.

But what kinds of kisses do men like best? Do they want a sloppy, wet one? A quick peck? What about during sex? We polled our male acquaintances and found four types of kisses they like best:

1. The lip-sucking kiss

This kind of kiss usually occurs during a make-out and involves gently tugging your partners upper or lower lip.

"Let's be honest: the lip-sucking kiss is the best. It's the official kiss of ramping-things-up, and simply hints at many more talents and adventures to come." — Jody, 29, Radio Producer

"I actually pair slight lip-sucking with very light, barely-touching lip licking. I'm not so much partial to having my own lips licked and sucked, but I'm a big fan of doing it to my girlfriend. It provokes the best kinds of reactions." — John, 28, Writer

2. The mid-sex kiss

The mid-sex kiss is just what it sounds like: you're making love and kissing at the same time.

"Aside from the obvious reason — i.e., you have to be having sex for this kiss to work — it's hot because you're essentially combining one of the most classically romantic acts with one of the dirtiest... if you're doing it right, that is." — Scott, 30, Bartender

3. The simple kiss

The simple kiss is nothing fancy, just a quick smooch on the lips, the cheek, anywhere. 

"I love when my wife kisses me any time of day  nothing sloppy, just a simple kiss. Every time we kiss I smell her lotion and shampoo and it makes me smile." — Andrew, 31, Flight Paramedic

4. The tongue kiss

The tongue kiss is the classic French kiss: slipping your tongue inside the other person's mouth.

"A good French kiss is as intimate as sex. The eyes-closed, you-tilt-head-this-way-I'll-tilt-mine-this-way, bodies-pressed-together, jaws-stretching, tongue-darting, hands-roving, butt-clenched back-and-forth is one of life's sweetest, simplest, most honest pleasures. There's magic in a good kiss. There's an articulation and intuition-by-feel in a passionate kiss that no amount of talking or sex can replicate. " — Tom, 31, Comedian