7 Intimate Cuddling Positions For Any Couple

Use these seven cuddling positions to cuddle and snuggle your man into pure bliss.


Ah cuddling, that wonderful activity that comes after sex. The best cuddles always come from a guy you care about. To make it even better, I've put together the seven best cuddling positions to use for extra, deep snuggles.

You're going to discover that some of these cuddle positions are quite common, while others are big changes to your normal bedroom routine.

Superman Spooning

Spooning is the classic cuddling position. To start spooning, all you need to do is lie on your side while your man lies behind you. You will both be facing in the same direction and usually you will have your legs fairly straight. Your man will then wrap his arms around you and pull you in close to him to give you a nice, deep cuddle.


However, we are talking about the Superman Spooning position, not just regular spooning. The problem with regular spooning is that often when your man wraps his arms around you, one of his arms must go underneath your side. This means that your entire body is going to be resting on it, cutting off his circulation and even making his arm go numb. No matter how light you are, there is almost no avoiding this, unless.....

You use the Superman Spooning position! It's very similar to regular spooning except for one key difference. Instead of wrapping his lower arm underneath you, he needs to stretch it above your head. So he should be lying down with his body straight with one arm wrapped around your waist and his other arm held above his head. In other words, he's going to be cuddling you while looking like Superman.


Sweethearts Cradle

If you find yourself getting bored of the previous cuddling position, then you really need to try out the Sweethearts Cradle. It's super easy to perform and feels wonderful if you just want to sleep close your man while he is reading or just watching TV.

To get set up in this cuddle position, your man just needs to lie on his back (and maybe put a pillow or two under his head for support). Then you are going to lie beside him and pull part of your body on top of his. It's up to you how far you bring your body on top of his. You can rest your head on his shoulder if you are only slightly on top of his body or you can rest it on his chest if you are fully on top of his body.

Next, you can lay your arm across his chest and then interlock your legs with his for maximum cuddleness.



Jetpacking is the reverse of regular spooning. Instead of your man being behind you and wrapping his arms around you, you're going to be behind your man cuddling him!

Jetpacking gets it's name from the fact that some girls feel like little jetpacks on their man's backs. If you're jetpacking your man, you will inevitably run into the same problem with your arm closest to the bed. If you try to put it under your man's back, it's going to go numb pretty quickly. So I always advise that you go "Superman" and position your lower arm above your head.

This way, you are also in the perfect position to scratch your man's back, neck and head.



Tête-à-Tête literally means head-to-head in French. In the Tête-à-Tête position, both you and your man are going to be facing each other on your sides in bed. It's really that simple. You can turn up the heat by intertwining your legs with each other, pulling each other in close and holding hands.

Flat Pack

The flat pack cuddling position gets it's name from.....you guessed it: lying flat on top of each other with both of you lying on your stomachs. This position is great if you enjoy that secure feeling of having the full weight of your man on top of you.

One important thing to note is that if you enjoy the feeling of your man lying on top of you, then you definitely need to try out this position while you're having sex.


Fallen Dominos

The Fallen Dominos cuddling position makes you and your man look quite like two fallen dominos. To get into the Fallen Dominos position, you need to lie down on your stomach and get comfortable. Your man is then going to lie down on top of one side of you. He will be partly covering you. This is perfect if you enjoy the feeling of your man on top of you but can't deal with his full weight on top of you.

Drifting Apart


While we adore cuddling at the Bad Girl's Bible, sometimes it can get a little annoying, especially if you are a light sleeper and are easily disturbed. If you are finding yourself getting a little distracted with all the cuddling your man is doing, then you should just try the Drifting Apart cuddling position.

All you need to do is get comfortable on one side of the bed, sleeping on either your back or your belly. Meanwhile, your man does the same at the other side of the bed. Then you can simply hold hands to prevent yourselves from drifting too far apart or additionally interlock your legs with each other.