Want To Have An Affair With A Married Man? Read This First

Being The Other Woman: How To Find A Married Man
Heartbreak, Sex

Sex with a married man is usually passionate and secretive.

Being the other woman can be a ton of fun, but it carries a huge amount of risk too. This is perfect if you enjoy that kind of drama in your life. Today I want to teach how to be the other woman and have a ton of fun doing it. I'm also going to show you when being the other woman is too risky to be fun.

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First, let's take a look at all the awesome benefits of being the other woman.

It's Usually Crazy Passionate
Any man that is willing to cheat on his wife to be with you must really like you. So you can be assured that it's going to be a passionate relationship no matter how long it lasts. So, if you feel like you are currently missing a bit of passion in your life, then you should consider being the other woman with a man willing to risk it all to be with you.

It's On The Down Low
If you don't want a relationship with photographs all over Facebook and Instagram, then being with a man who's cheating on his wife is going to suit you very well indeed.

He Has More To Lose Than You Do
If you don't want to be in a highly invested relationship with a guy, then being the other woman will be perfect for you. You don't have to worry about hanging out every night or have to worry about texting each other constantly (in fact this is probably a bad thing).

How To Be The Other Woman

Now that we've covered the benefits of being the other woman, let's learn how to actually do it!

Where To Find Husbands
First you gotta find him! To find a guy, you need to look in the right places. Ashley Madison is the obvious choice, but if you don't want to leave an online footprint, then hotel bars are perfect. The guys staying in hotel bars are usually bored, professional and are a lot more mature than your average bar on the street. Plus, if they're staying there, it means that they have their own private hotel room, which is a plus.

Filter Out The Happy Guys
Now that you've found a place filled with married men, it's time to filter out the happily married men and zone in on the guys in unhappy marriages. Once you've found a guy that seems kind of discontented or disenchanted with his marriage, you've pretty much hit the jackpot.

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Sort Out The Logistics
Once you've poked and prodded and found out that the guy you're talking to is married and interested and wants you to be the other woman in his life, it's a simple case of finding out where he lives and how often he visits your area.

And just like that, you are the other woman!

When Being The Other Woman Is A Bad Idea

After reading everything here, you probably think that being the other woman is one awesome idea that everyone should try. It's really not. There are so many situations when you should never, ever attempt to be the other woman in a man's life. Here are a few to be very aware of:

When You Already Know Him & His Family
If you already know him, his wife and his family, then you shouldn't even consider becoming the other woman in his life. It's almost bound to blow up in your face. So, if you are neighbors, work together or already friends with his wife, then my advice is don't even consider it.

You Have A Conscience
While this article was all about how to successfully become the other woman in a married man's life, I really hope that you have a conscience and are reading it for fun. A man having an affair is a sure sign that his marriage is already in trouble, but helping to take it right off the rails by willingly being the other woman is not exactly the kindest thing in the world. Besides, the Bad Girl's Bible newsletter is about doing fun, kind things for your man, not hurting him. 

Now I know that tons of men already make the decision to cheat before ever finding a woman to cheat with. However, the sad thing is that some men don't. So I hope that you can do your best to weigh up the potential problems you may be causing someone else's marriage before jumping in and being the other woman.

Don't Forget About The Sex!

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