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10 CRAZY-Hot Seduction Tips That'll Make Him BEG You For More

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There’s a reason that geishas and courtesans trained for years in the art of seduction: it requires skill. There are tricks of the trade that take time to learn and perfect. But they're not all so complicated.

Do you want to seduce a man and up your own game? Here are ten simple things you might want to try to appear more sexy and get his attention instantly.

1. Show some skin.

One of the best ways to act seductive is to show a little more skin. If your guy is at all into you, glimpses of your stomach, shoulders and back will drive him wild. Even if he hasn’t yet noticed you, baring a bit more can help catch his attention.

Be classy about it, of course. Wear shirts slightly shorter than you normally would, or jeans that ride down when you walk, but don’t totally change your wardrobe or wear something you’re not comfortable in.

2. Flirt more.

Ah, flirting. The seductress’s main tool. Flirting is easy for most, but if you’re one of the unlucky few who isn’t really sure how it works, never fear. Try laughing a little more, leaning in toward your guy, sharing your smile just with him. If he’s laughing and joking back, you can take things a little further, perhaps with some innuendo or by leading him into a corner alone.

3. Feed him with your hands.

Whether you’re on a hot date, ordering steak, or are in the food court sharing fries, it never hurts to pick up a small bite of food (fork or no fork) and put it in your guy’s mouth. If he likes you at all, he’ll take it, and the brief brush of your hands on his lips will send a thrill through both of you.

4. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is bold and hot. Don’t overuse this or you might scare the guy off, but a little well-placed eye contact can pin him to the spot and let him know how interested you are. What's especially effective is when you lower your head slightly and look at him from underneath your lashes. There's no more classic “come hither” look — for good reason. It's incredibly seductive.

5. Touch him.

Touching is another tip that you must not overuse. Too much and you risk making your love interest think you’re handsy or have boundary issues. But some well-placed caresses can do the trick nicely, especially if the guy doesn’t yet know you’re interested.

Try a touch on the upper arm when you’re sharing a joke, or a touch on the hand when you want to draw his attention to something. If you’re feeling bolder, run your fingers across his lower back or his neck. Ready for him to take the hint? Try lightly touching his hair, cheek or lips.

6. Move slowly.

In the modern age, we move quickly. Rushing suggests to others that we're performing obligatory tasks we don't necessarily love. Moving slowly, on the other hand, conveys a different message. Even if you do have somewhere to go, take the time to move slowly and present a relaxed front.

Swing your hips from side to side, let you arms move naturally at your side, and avoid jerky movements of your head and neck. When you’re relaxed and sinuous, you look ready for anything — including those things you’d most like to do with him. He’ll definitely notice.

7. Whisper.

Nothing helps your seduction like taking it down a notch. Your voice, that is. Whispers encourage intimacy because your romantic interest has to lean forward to catch what you say. If you feel comfortable leaning over and whispering into his ear, that's even better.

Hot breath on his neck and in his ear will remind him of the bedroom, even if you’re just making a simple point about the game you’re watching or sharing some gossip.

8. Smile cheekily.

Confidence is sexy, plain and simple. If you’re trying to light a fire in your guy, a coy or mischievous smile tells him you know exactly what you’re doing. He’ll love seeing you happy and will wonder what you’re up to. Both will make him want to come closer, learn more and win you over.

9. Talk dirty.

If you’ve reached the point in your relationship where you’re spending time in the bedroom, talking dirty is a fantastic thing to try. Even if you haven’t yet done the deed, a few well-chosen dirty phrases or innuendos can make it clear you’d like to without being gross or over the top.

While you want him to know you’re interested, you don’t want him to think you’d do this with just anyone. Choose your words carefully and combine them with a light caress, a back rub or a well-timed kiss.

10. Run your fingers through your hair.

How simple is this? Running your fingers through your hair will unconsciously remind him of bedroom activities. Slightly messy hair can make you look like you just got out of the horizontal position. Wear your hair loose, whether it's long or short. Let it get wild when you’re walking or when there’s a breeze. Never pass up a chance to walk in front of a fan.

Relax, and have fun. He'll be hot and heavy in no time. Score!

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