4 Body Language Hacks To Make Anyone Want You

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Man staring in woman's direction

How to attract a love interest without talking is worth investigating. Most communication, as many people already know, is nonverbal.

It's not what you say that counts the most, but how you say it and what your body does when you speak or listen.

How to attract a person without talking is simple to figure out. Body language is easy to learn and easy to master. With just a few short lessons, you'll be fluent in no time, and you might find you already are fluent.

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Here are 4 body language hacks to make anyone want you:

1. The wink

A playful wink with just the right amount of mischief added sends a clear message. You're not likely to wink at someone unless you are interested or at least find them alluring... unless you have gotten sand in your eye or are from a culture with a different significance to the wink.

A friend I had in college has a mom who often tells the story of seeing actor Michael Landon at a Texas hotel swimming pool when she was in her early twenties. Their eyes made contact, and he winked at her. Yeah, it was that Michael Landon who, my friends assure me, would have been super-hot wearing a Little House on the Prairie bonnet. Never underestimate the power of a wink: it's simple and effective.

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2. The smile

A smile is crucial when you want to attract a person without talking. A smile is worth more than a thousand words, plus a thousand cheesy pickup lines. A smile is usually non-threatening, warm, and friendly, of all the things people find appealing. If you are the one to smile first, it also conveys confidence, another trait that people want in their intimate counterparts.

So, smile — teeth, no teeth, it doesn't matter, smile. If you have dimples, you should pretty much be smiling all the time.

3. The lean

When it comes to body language, the lean forward speaks volumes. It says, "I'm interested in what you are saying," just like the lean back says, "I'm only half listening to what you say while I look around the room." The direction you lean can make the difference between getting a phone number and getting a fake number.

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4. The eye contact

The final piece in how to attract people without talking involves eye contact: maintain it.

The trick with eye contact is to have enough but not too much. Eye contact during conversation conveys respect. But, too much eye contact can also be a little creepy... and leave the person you are wooing all but certain something is wrong with you or her.

The best route is to let your eyes move back and forth between their eyes and the rest of the room.

Attracting people without talking is an important skill to master. However, body language only gets you so far. At some point, you'll have to start using words as well.

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Michael Griswold is a writer focusing on love and relationships and a relationship coach. He has a Ph.D. in relationship and breakup psychology.